Family Wants Answers Regarding Burlington Woman’s Death

Wagswoofs – A family in Fort Madison is sad about the death of Krystal Lopez, a woman from Burlington who was shot and killed in her home on December 5.

Krystal’s sister, Jennifer Lopez, received a call from her mother on the night of December 5th, notifying her that they needed to go and check on Krystal. This urgent call came after a concerned neighbor informed them about the presence of police officers gathering at Krystal’s residence.

Lopez recounted how one of the detectives approached him and delivered the heartbreaking news that the woman inside the house had passed away.

Krystal, according to Lopez, was the eldest among her five siblings and a mother to two daughters and one son.

According to Lopez, the woman was known for her lively and sociable nature. She had a zest for life and loved spending time outdoors with her loved ones.

One week after the tragedy, Lopez and her other sisters gathered at a Fort Madison restaurant, where Krystal had worked, to honor and cherish her memory as a loving mother, sister, aunt, and friend.

Lopez expressed her heartfelt desire for her children to always remember their mother’s love and unwavering dedication towards their well-being.

Lopez is still in the dark about the circumstances surrounding Krystal’s death. She and her family are desperate for answers regarding the tragic incident where Krystal was shot in her own home.

The Burlington Police Department is currently receiving assistance from the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation as they continue to investigate Krystal’s death.

Further details are not being released at this time.

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