Father Arrested Following Son’s Accusations In Margate Robbery

Wagswoofs – A man from Buena was ordered to remain in jail on Friday, after his son implicated him in a first-degree robbery that took place in Margate last year.

On November 14, 2022, William Casper Sr., 56, allegedly accompanied his son and a woman to a residence on Amherst Avenue (in the 9600 block) in order to collect a debt.

According to Casper Sr.’s attorney, his client had no involvement in the crime. He claims that Casper Sr. was actually asleep in the back seat of the car when the robbery took place.

The younger Casper allegedly held a knife while his father also confronted the victim.

According to the charges, the incident originated from a $10 debt owed by the victim to Jessica Halley, one of Caspers’ co-defendants.

According to the affidavit of probable cause, Halley reached out to the victim on November 14, 2022, expressing her concerns about her safety and requesting to stay at his home.

The charges say that when she got there, she tricked the man into going outside by saying she needed help with her bags. Then two men came up to him. One of them had a knife and demanded money.

The victim got away and ran to his apartment on the second floor. The two men chased him and “began yelling and banging on his door,” breaking a piece of the window in the process, according to the statement.

According to the state, the individual wielding the knife has been identified as William Casper Jr., aged 38.


During a detention hearing in October, it came to light that the younger Casper was collaborating with the police in a separate case that took place in March.

Casper Jr. and Nicholas Lettieri were caught on camera taking a vehicle from the Buena Wawa. The video shows Casper informing the victim that he would be taking the 2007 Acura and giving it to Lettieri.

During his detention hearing on October 17, Assistant Prosecutor Nicole Campellone informed the judge about a recorded phone conversation between Halley and Lettieri while he was in jail. This conversation implicated the younger Casper in the Margate case.

Casper Jr. had been granted pretrial release for the car theft case due to his extensive cooperation, as stated by his attorney during the hearing.

In October, Judge Joseph Levin made the decision to detain the younger Casper. Additionally, he mentioned that he had received a Facebook friend request from someone named William Casper. However, Judge Levin did not accept the request and was uncertain if it was actually the defendant’s father.

According to Levin, his decision was not influenced by the request.

During the hearing on Friday, Campellone informed Judge William Miller that it was the younger Casper who implicated his father in the case.

According to the assistant prosecutor, the defendant’s son disclosed that his parent was the previously unidentified defendant.

Defense attorney Andrew Imperiale expressed his unwavering confidence that his client had no involvement in the incident. In fact, he was so certain of his client’s innocence that his investigator even tried to contact the victim, intending to show him a photograph of Casper Sr.

Unfortunately, we encountered a small setback: we were unable to locate the victim, according to Imperiale.

According to Imperiale, the victim has moved out of the address, has changed his phone number, and cannot be located on Facebook anymore.

Despite the evidence against him, Miller was able to find sufficient grounds to charge the elder Casper and ensure his detainment.

According to the public safety assessment, Casper Sr. has a criminal record that includes assaults and seven instances of failing to appear in court, two of which occurred this year. This information is used to evaluate whether a defendant should be held under bail reform measures.

The assessment also ranked his risks of both failure to appear and likelihood to incur new charges as the highest level, receiving a perfect score of six out of six for each. Based on this evaluation, it was recommended that he should not be released.

The judge concurred with the decision.

Both individuals named Caspers are currently being held in the Atlantic County Justice Facility.

Halley was released in the previous year after her detention hearing.

The whereabouts of Casper Jr.’s car theft case remain unclear.


According to records from the state Department of Corrections, his co-defendant in that case received a three-year prison sentence for filing a false report in Cumberland County.

Lettieri was released on Friday, as confirmed by the state system.

A father has been apprehended after his son implicated him in a robbery in Margate.

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