FDNY Investigates The Cause Of New Year’s Eve Fire In East New York

Wagswoofs – An investigation is currently underway to determine the cause of a devastating fire in East New York that resulted in the displacement of numerous individuals on New Year’s Eve.

The FDNY returned to the Schenck Avenue building on Tuesday morning. The property management company, Boulevard Together, was also present to evaluate the extent of the damage.

According to the FDNY, a massive blaze erupted on Sunday night at the Boulevard Houses due to a fire that started in the construction material in the courtyard. The fire quickly spread and affected a total of 13 apartments.

According to residents interviewed by News 12, they reported hearing fireworks being set off near the courtyard prior to the fire.

After extinguishing the flames, the nearby emergency crews observed an empty canister.

Since Sunday, people have been stopping at the building in awe of the destruction. Tenants and those who live nearby are particularly affected by the sight.

A resident living nearby expressed his concern about the significant damage caused by the incident and the considerable number of displaced residents. He pointed out the large number of affected apartments and emphasized the unfortunate timing, just before New Year’s and after Christmas.

Residents are eagerly awaiting confirmation on whether or not the fireworks have contributed to the fire. The FDNY has not yet disclosed the official cause of the incident.

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