Food Wastage: Another Example Of NYC Ever-expanding Migrant-industrial Complex

Wagswoofs – Mayor Adams issued a warning this week about the possibility of tax hikes and the implementation of “extremely painful” cuts to city services. These measures are being considered as a means to offset the financial burden placed on taxpayers due to the costs associated with sheltering and feeding migrants.

However, what is even more concerning is the way in which that money is being squandered.

Food is being thrown away.

Every day, thousands of dollars’ worth of meals are ending up in dumpsters.

Every family that works hard to afford groceries feels disrespected by this.

To make matters worse, taxpayers are being charged exorbitant prices for these meals, whether they are consumed or not.

DocGo, a company that has been awarded a no-bid contract to provide shelter and care for migrants, has the authorization to charge the city a maximum of $11 per meal or $33 per day per migrant.

A migrant family of four would have to pay $3,960 per month.

A needy American family of four receives four times more than the maximum amount provided by Uncle Sam’s Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program.

The reason for migrants’ meals being prepared is not because of their own choice.

Prepared meals for airline passengers, which are provided by companies like Flying Food Group and Gategroup, are priced at about $4 for economy class. This is less than half the cost of meals provided to migrants.

Charging $11 for a product or service can be seen as price gouging, which is often considered unfair to consumers.

After a court-enforced agreement in 1981 between New York City and advocates for the homeless, the city implemented and modified policies that currently dictate the provision of shelter and “access to three nutritional meals a day” for every homeless individual.

It is absolutely ridiculous and should be questioned when this is applied to individuals who come to the city from other countries.

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Until then, you don’t have to serve plates of meat and potatoes that are hot in order to comply with city rules.

Under the city’s policy, migrants are eligible to receive vouchers or debit cards that can be used to make purchases at bodegas, fast-food outlets, and street vendors.

Even before the migrant crisis, shelter operators had already been taking advantage of New York taxpayers.

In 2021, the New York Post exposed the CEO of CORE Services Group, a nonprofit that has multimillion-dollar contracts with the city, for earning over $1 million annually while posing as a charity leader.

He established subsidiaries that operated for profit and offered services such as food, security, and building maintenance. Through these ventures, he and his family members earned substantial salaries.

During a City Council hearing in March, an official from the Adams administration was questioned about the significant difference in the cost of meals for migrants compared to meals provided to homeless New Yorkers.

Emergencies will inevitably result in higher costs.

Sheltering and providing meals for a migrant comes at a cost of $394 per day, whereas homeless New Yorkers under the care of the Department of Homeless Services are allocated $254 per day.

The costs have increased by more than 50%, surpassing the already inflated prices.

Migrants are expressing their dissatisfaction with the quality of the food they are being provided. However, the true extent of the rot lies within the Adams administration’s mishandling of this pressing emergency.

The responsibility for fixing this issue does not lie with the city’s comptroller, Brad Lander.

He recommends allocating a larger portion of contract funds to support “minority and women-owned business enterprises.” Ensuring a fair distribution of resources.

Federal law enforcement should be looked to for guidance and support.

In October, the CEO of a nonprofit organization called Childrens Community Services and his business associate were charged by the US attorney for the Southern District of New York. They were accused of running a network of “fly-by-night companies” that purchased meals, furniture, and other goods from vendors, inflated the prices, and profited at the expense of taxpayers. The scheme involved a total of $50 million.

Under the previous mayor’s watch, that occurred.

With each passing week, the stakes continue to rise as thousands of migrants make their way to their destinations.

If Adams refuses to take action, then it is the responsibility of the federal authorities to intervene.

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