For 9th Consecutive Year, Chicago Named America’s Most Rat-Infested City

According to a recent report by a pest control company, Chicago has maintained its position as the most rat-infested city in the United States for nine consecutive years, debunking the myth that New York is the most rat-infested city.

According to the Orkin study, Los Angeles takes the second spot and New York City secures the third position in terms of the growing demand for rodent extermination services. This ranking is based on the increasing number of such services being offered in these cities.

New York City, famously known as the Big Apple, frequently grabs attention for its ongoing issue with rats. This problem is particularly concerning because a significant portion of the city’s inhabitants are required to dispose of their trash in bags rather than sealed containers or cans, as is common practice in most developed cities around the world.

According to Orkin’s pest control experts, rodents pose a bigger threat to Chicago. As per earlier reports, the city’s rat problem has been a concern for homeowners, with the rodents causing damage to their property.

Like New York City, Chicago is also grappling with challenges related to urbanization and waste management. The city has densely populated neighborhoods that produce substantial amounts of waste. Furthermore, the prevalence of older buildings with small gaps and crevices provides a conducive environment for rats to thrive and create their homes.

In September, Mayor Eric Adams of New York made an announcement that businesses must put their daily 20 million pounds of garbage in containers to make it less accessible to rats.

Kathleen Corradi, NYC’s Rat Czar, emphasized the significance of depriving rats of access to food to achieve long-term rat control. “The leadership from DSNY to ‘Get Stuff Clean’ and the rules to containerize waste are integral to a rat-free New York City!” she stated. In addition, the city is testing out shared curbside dumpsters for residential blocks, which has sparked some controversy.

Orkin’s top 10 list includes Washington, D.C., San Francisco, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Denver, Detroit, and Cleveland-Akron. This year, Houston made a significant jump to No. 20, climbing 10 places from its previous ranking. On the other hand, San Diego experienced a decline, falling nine spots to 28th on the list.

With winter approaching, it’s crucial to keep an eye out for rats, as they will be seeking food, water, and shelter to survive the cold. This is especially important considering the U.S. climate during this time of year. A pest control company recommends being vigilant and taking necessary precautions to prevent an infestation.

According to Orkin entomologist Ben Hottel, rodents can cause significant damage to homes and yards if an infestation is not promptly addressed. Their ability to multiply rapidly only exacerbates the problem.

It’s crucial to seal any cracks on the outside, as rats are skilled at squeezing into tiny spaces, even those as small as a quarter.

According to Orkin, an infestation can pose serious health hazards to humans. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has cautioned that rodents can carry numerous diseases, which can be spread through their feces, urine, or saliva.

Public health advice on controlling rat populations is available in all of the top three cities. New York City has taken a unique approach by establishing “Rat Mitigation Zones” to address areas with a high concentration of rats.

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