Fort Deposit’s Police Chief is Terry Steiner

After serving as an officer of the law for over fourteen years, Chief Terry Steiner began his career at the Fort Deposit Police Department, where he has been dedicatedly working for more than thirteen years.

According to the chief, his lifelong calling to law enforcement led him to begin his career at the Gordonville Police Department. He felt that becoming a police officer was his destiny, and he has been committed to serving his community ever since.

As a young child in Fort Deposit, Steiner was always fascinated by the older guys who would pass through his neighborhood. Witnessing their activities inspired him to pursue his lifelong dream of becoming a police officer. “I always knew that this was what I wanted to do,” Steiner recalled.

Steiner finds enjoyment in various aspects of his career, but what drives him is the sense of fulfilling his duty to the people of Fort Deposit.

Steiner wakes up every day with the satisfaction of protecting citizens and performing good deeds. The feeling of safeguarding people is what he loves the most about his job.

In his role, Steiner has shown a great sense of duty towards his citizens, and District Judge Adrian Johnson recognized and commended him for it. The judge also acknowledged Steiner’s compassion, which he displays in his work.

According to Johnson, the role of a police chief in a small town comes with its own set of challenges. It requires striking a balance between enforcing the law and building positive relationships with the community. Chief Steiner of Fort Deposit, however, seems to excel at this balancing act. He not only resides in the town but also displays genuine concern for its residents, which is evident in the way he carries out his duties. Johnson commends Chief Steiner for his outstanding efforts in serving his community.

According to Steiner, the biggest challenge he faces in his career is dealing with staffing shortages. Like any other profession, there are certain situations that can make the job more difficult, but Steiner identifies staffing shortages as the biggest hindrance to his work.

According to Steiner, adding more police officers to the staff can be a challenging task. He believes that the presence of additional police personnel would greatly enhance the overall security and safety of the area.

In a heartfelt message to the citizens of Fort Deposit, Steiner acknowledged that law enforcement officers are often portrayed in a negative light. He emphasized his commitment to protecting and serving the community, which he takes very seriously.

Steiner emphasized that despite the negative portrayal of law enforcement in the media, they are not the same. He stated, “Even though television shows depict bad experiences with cops in different parts of the country, that’s not us. We’re not here to cause harm. As law enforcement officers, our priority is to ensure the safety of the people. We want to be your trusted ally, not your enemy.”

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