Georgetown Grieves Over Death Of 6-year-old Victim Of Attack, Suspect Arrested

Wagswoofs – Tragically, two months after a brutal attack in his home, 6-year-old Jeremy Diaz from Georgetown passed away on November 14.

After the unfortunate attack, Jeremy valiantly fought for his life, and the community rallied behind him in a tangible display of support. To help ease the burden of his hospital expenses, Jeremy’s family created a GoFundMe account, which has since raised over $311,210, as reported by CBS Austin. Sadly, Jeremy lost his battle on November 14, and passed away.

Arturo Diaz has shared the heart-wrenching events that led up to Jeremy’s passing. It all started on the night of November 13 when Jeremy went through a severe neural storm that lasted for nearly six hours. Sadly, the next morning, his heart stopped beating. Arturo Diaz expressed his sorrow and the pain of losing a child so young.

Authorities have apprehended Daniel Logan on the grounds of two severe charges of first-degree felonies. These charges include injury to a child and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon against a family member.

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