Geraldo Rivera Criticizes Trump’s Legal Approach Following E. Jean Carroll Defamation Verdict

Wagswoofs – Geraldo Rivera has once again expressed his views on former President Donald Trump.

In response to the federal jury’s verdict that the former president is required to pay E. Jean Carroll $83.3 million for defamation, his former friend has offered his own legal insights into the matter.

Rivera expressed his opinion on the matter, stating that Former President Trump’s downfall was a result of his own arrogance. In a recent post on the social media platform X (formerly Twitter), he highlighted that contempt is not an effective legal strategy. Additionally, Rivera emphasized that Trump’s subpar legal representation has limited his options for appeal.

According to Rivera, a political commentator and lawyer, Trump might not be required to pay the full $83.3 million ruling. This ruling is in addition to the $5 million judgment issued against him last year for sexual abuse and defamation.

According to the expert, the damages will definitely be reduced, similar to the case with Rudy Giuliani. However, they will still be a significant amount of money.

Following the jury’s decision, Trump expressed his intention to appeal the court’s ruling, describing it as “absolutely ridiculous.”

“I completely disagree with both verdicts and I will be appealing this entire Biden Directed Witch Hunt that is specifically targeting me and the Republican Party,” he expressed on Truth Social. “Our legal system has spiraled out of control and it is being weaponized for political purposes. They have stripped away our First Amendment rights. This is not what America stands for!”

Rivera remains optimistic about Trump’s chances of securing victory in the 2024 presidential election, as his legal cases unfold.

Rivera took to social media to share his prediction that Robert F. Kennedy Jr. could potentially influence the outcome.

According to a post on X, the current polls indicate that if the election were to happen today, President Biden would face a tough competition from former President Trump. The post states that Trump is leading with 40% of the votes, while Biden has almost 40%. The remaining votes, around 20+, are predicted to go to the spoiler candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. who has maintained a steady support for months. The post compares this situation to the 1992 election, where Clinton, HWBush, and Perot were the key contenders, but in reverse. It suggests that RFK has the potential to make Trump president once again.

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