Glock Switch Found On Gun Used In Lawrence Shooting Outside LC

Wagswoofs – Two teenagers were arrested for possessing guns outside the gymnasium of Lawrence Central High School on Tuesday. They are currently in jail.

Moments before their arrest, a shooting occurred in the parking lot outside where the highly anticipated annual Lawrence North-Lawrence Central boys basketball rivalry game was being held. Fortunately, no one was injured in the incident.

According to investigators, a brawl broke out in the parking lot after the game concluded, resulting in two gunshots being fired. In response, security personnel and the police swiftly took action, implementing the protocols they had been trained for.

According to Jim Parish, the director of security for MSD Lawrence Township, he believes that they couldn’t have done anything differently during the incident. In an interview with WISH-TV, he stated, “From the time the shot was fired, within less than three minutes we made apprehension on two people with weapons. I don’t think we could have done anything better than that.” Parish emphasizes that they acted swiftly and effectively in apprehending the individuals involved.

One of the teenagers possessed a Glock handgun with a modification known as a “Glock switch.” This device transforms a semi-automatic handgun into a fully automatic one. Consequently, the teenager is now facing a charge of possessing a machine gun.

Gary Woodruff, deputy police chief of Lawrence, expressed growing concern over the rising levels of access to firearms among juveniles. He questioned the origins of the modified Glock and how easily such weapons can be obtained by young individuals. Woodruff emphasized the urgent need to address this issue.

There is uncertainty regarding whether the Glock switch was activated during the shooting incident. Woodruff speculates that the switch likely did not play a role since only two shots were fired. However, he emphasizes that the level of concern surrounding the matter persists.

Forensic investigators are currently examining the collected shell casings in order to gather more information about the fired shots.

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