Gop Hawks Bay For Blood After An Iran-backed Strike Kills Three US Soldiers

Wagswoofs – Republican congressional leaders are urging the Biden administration to show more strength and take action against Iran for supporting the militants believed to be responsible for the recent deaths of three American service members. Representative Nancy Mace from South Carolina emphasized the need for the administration to “grow a backbone” and respond appropriately.

According to military officials, three soldiers lost their lives in an unmanned aerial drone attack that also left over 30 other service members injured on a U.S. base in Jordan. In a speech on Sunday, President Joe Biden confirmed the loss of these “three brave souls” and made a vow that the United States would retaliate. He promised, “We will respond.”

In the ongoing investigation, Biden has attributed the attack to “radical Iran-backed militant groups operating in Syria and Iraq.” This attribution has sparked a strong reaction from GOP hawks, who wasted no time in demanding swift and forceful retaliation.

“The Biden Administration may eliminate as many Iranian proxies as they want, but it won’t stop Iranian aggression,” stated Senator Lindsay Graham (SC). He further urged the Biden Administration to target significant locations within Iran, not only as a response to the loss of our forces, but also as a means of deterring future acts of aggression.”

Sen. John Cornyn (TX) expressed his thoughts in a more concise manner, as he tweeted simply: “Target Tehran.” However, he later clarified that he did not advocate for the direct bombing of Iran and its civilians.

Other Republicans were not discouraged by this, and they also shared their opinions on the matter. Representatives Mike Johnson (LA) and Steve Scalise (LA), who hold prominent positions within the House Republican party, both emphasized the need for a strong response. In separate statements, they made it clear that the United States should send a strong message to the world that any attacks on our troops will not be tolerated. Johnson expressed this sentiment by stating, “America must send a crystal clear message across the globe,” while Scalise echoed the same sentiment.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (KY) asserted that the international community eagerly anticipates the United States taking decisive action to compel Iran to alter its conduct. McConnell emphasized that America’s adversaries are growing more audacious and will continue to do so until the United States imposes substantial consequences on both the terrorist proxies and their Iranian supporters, who proudly bear the responsibility for shedding American blood.

According to Senator Roger Wicker (MS), the ranking member of the Armed Services Committee, it is crucial for us to take decisive action in response to the devastating attacks that have resulted in the loss of American service members’ lives and the injuries sustained by many others.

“We need to take immediate and decisive action against Iran and its proxies in response to their repeated attacks,” he emphasized. “It is crucial that we target Iranian facilities and leaders directly to demonstrate our resolve to the global community.”

Mace squarely placed the blame on Biden for the deaths of the service members in her own statement. She emphasized the need for the U.S. to demonstrate resilience and send a clear message to the world that they will not tolerate being manipulated. Mace further advocated for a change in approach, urging the nation to avoid cozying up to regimes that pose a threat to their safety.

Rep. Carlos Gimenez (FL) expressed his disappointment with President Biden’s approach to foreign policy in the Middle East. In a recent post, Gimenez criticized Biden for failing to isolate the regime in Iran, defeat Hamas, and support strategic partners. He believes that this lack of action has only emboldened the enemies of freedom. Gimenez went on to say that the President’s Middle East policy is a complete disaster, and unfortunately, it is our brave men and women who are paying the ultimate price with their lives.

According to Sen. Tom Cotton (AR), Biden has been empowering Iran for years by allowing attacks on our troops, providing billions of dollars to the ayatollahs as bribes, and excessively appeasing them. Cotton claims that he had foreseen the loss of American lives due to these actions and firmly believes that the only solution is to launch a powerful military strike against Iran’s terrorist forces.

“He said that anything less than a strong and decisive action would only serve to confirm Joe Biden as a coward who is unfit to be the commander-in-chief.”

According to former President Donald Trump, the deadly strike serves as evidence of President Biden’s “weakness and surrender.” Trump believes that an immediate return to a policy of “PEACE THROUGH STRENGTH” is necessary to prevent further chaos, destruction, and loss of American lives.

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