Gov. Kay Ivey: ‘Every state has become a border state’ Sending 275 National Guard troops to Mexico border

In a recent development, Governor Kay Ivey of Alabama has decided to deploy 275 National Guard troops to the southern border. This move by the Republican governor follows the footsteps of other governors who have already sent troops to the region.

In a statement, the governor expressed her commitment to keeping Alabama an essential part of the mission to secure the southern border. According to her, the current policies have turned every state into a border state, and the Alabama National Guard is always ready to protect the citizens. She expressed gratitude to the 275 troops and their families for their invaluable service to the country.

In response to a letter from Alabama Governor Ivey and 24 other governors, President Biden has announced that he will provide transparent and detailed information regarding the ongoing migrant crisis.

In a letter addressed to President Biden on September 9, a group of 25 governors, led by Montana Governor Greg Gianforte, expressed their concerns regarding the policies that incentivize illegal immigration. The governors stated that their states are bearing the weight of the continuous surge in illegal border crossings, as well as the coordinated trafficking of drugs and human beings by cartels.

According to the letter, states are at the forefront in responding to the effects of the crisis. They are tirelessly working to address the challenges such as full shelters, empty food pantries, strained law enforcement, and exhausted aid workers.

Back in 2018, the then-Republican governor, Ivey, dispatched a limited number of National Guard soldiers to the border in order to aid the Texas National Guard and border officials.

Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey on Thursday announced she will send 275 National Guard troops to the southern border, becoming the latest Republican governor to send soldiers to the region.

She became a member of the American Governors’ Border Strike Force in 2022. This force comprises 26 states and aims to collaborate in preventing illegal immigration along the southern border.

In June, troops were dispatched to the border by the governors of Virginia, West Virginia, and South Carolina.

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