Governor Cooper Expresses Disapproval Of Gov. Abbott’s Border Actions

Wagswoofs – North Carolina’s governor is at odds with fellow governors who are backing Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R) in his disagreement with the federal government regarding border control.

“A bipartisan Senate is on the verge of passing the most robust border security legislation in years, but Donald Trump is pressuring Republicans to halt progress because he believes that a stringent border law could negatively impact his campaign. Instead of bowing to Trump’s demands and advocating for actions that undermine the constitution and the rule of law, Republican Governors should unite in support of this legislation and release a joint statement affirming their commitment to strong border security.”

“North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper emphasized the importance of strong leadership during challenging times.”

The governor of North Carolina is the lone Southeast governor who is not backing Abbott.

The Texas National Guard has begun erecting razor wire barriers on the border between the United States and Mexico, seemingly ignoring a ruling by the Supreme Court. This action is impeding the federal Border Patrol’s ability to effectively carry out their duties.

In a statement released on Wednesday, Abbott defended the moves, asserting that his authority to prevent a state “invasion” takes precedence over federal law.

In his statement on Wednesday, Abbott strongly asserts that the states have been let down by the federal government, which provides a justification for disregarding the Supreme Court and federal law.

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