Heavy Rainfall Hits Tri-state Week After Extreme Flooding In N.J.

Wagswoofs – Get ready for heavy rain as a storm system makes its way through our area. An AccuWeather Alert has been issued, warning residents to prepare for the upcoming downpour. This comes just a week after the last rainstorm hit our region.

The torrential downpour resulted in the closure of streets and schools, and it also led to numerous rescue operations being carried out.

By late afternoon, the New York City area experienced a gentle drizzle as the dense fog dissipated earlier in the day.

The rain was at its heaviest during the overnight hours.

During this time, there is a possibility of 1 to 2 inches of rain locally, with isolated areas in New Jersey potentially experiencing rainfall amounts close to 3 inches.

Street and road ponding may occur in isolated areas, leading to minor localized flooding.

Experts do not anticipate significant flooding from Wednesday’s storm, unlike the recent flooding of the Passaic River in Paterson.

Last week, several individuals found themselves trapped in their homes, requiring the assistance of rescuers.

Janice Yu interviews a young child who was saved from a house in New Jersey following a devastating flood.

Paterson, Fairfield, and Wayne declared a state of emergency due to the flooding. As a result, schools in Paterson had to be closed for the entire week until the water receded.

Little Falls Mayor James Damiano explained that the Passaic River had not experienced flooding since 2011. However, during that specific coastal storm, there was an abundance of tropical moisture that resulted in heavy rainfall on already saturated ground.

Recovering from flooding of the magnitude witnessed last week is a process that often spans several months, according to officials.

Residents in Fairfield, who were given sandbags last week, are being advised to hold onto them as a precautionary measure in case they are needed again this week.

CeFaan Kim provides an in-depth report from Fairfield.

Marco Chavez admits that he hasn’t made any preparations for the rain this week due to the frequent evacuations he has had to endure. He is well-versed in the drill, and as soon as it appears that leaving by car is not an option, he promptly departs.

“We, just like our family, are well aware of the necessary steps to take. Our immediate priority is finding accommodation in a hotel. That’s the reality of the situation,” Chavez expressed. “As for our basement, it’s completely flooded. The water level is so high that it reaches your knees as soon as you step foot down there.”

On this episode of Weather or Not with Lee Goldberg, we delve into discussions about the recent flood emergency and provide insights on the holiday forecast.

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