Hospitalized In Williamsburg Fire: 2 Individuals, Including An Infant, With Found Of Lithium-ion Battery At The Scene

Wagswoofs –  The FDNY sprang into action on Sunday afternoon, rescuing an infant and another resident who were critically injured in a devastating high-rise fire in Brooklyn. The heroic efforts of the firefighters saved the lives of these two individuals, who were in critical condition.

The fire at 417 Morgan Avenue, in the Cooper Park Houses NYCHA complex, was swiftly responded to by the FDNY at approximately 12:38 p.m. on Sunday.

The fire broke out on the fifth floor of an eight-story building, prompting a swift response from over one hundred firefighters, according to the FDNY.

The video capturing the response to the fire depicts thick black smoke billowing from a window of the building. Fire officials swiftly spring into action, unfurling hose lines, while a firefighter fearlessly ascends the ladder of the firetruck to gain access to the area engulfed in flames.

The fire was brought under control by the FDNY at 1:15 p.m.

Two people, including the baby, were taken to the Cornell Burn Center with serious burns and were in critical condition. A third person who was hurt refused medical help at the scene, the FDNY said.

The child had major burns and was also suffering from breathing smoke.

The baby was stuck behind a window gate, according to Deputy Chief Steve Corran. When firefighters came, witnesses said that family members were holding the child at the window through thick smoke.

However, fire officials are looking into a lithium-ion battery that they discovered at the scene of the fire.

According to recent data, there have been 18 fatalities and 133 injuries caused by lithium-ion battery fires in 2023. Comparatively, the number of such incidents has significantly increased to 253 in 2023 from just 30 in 2019.

The city responded by creating a pilot program for the charging of lithium-ion batteries, specifically designed to provide delivery drivers with a safe and secure means of charging their bikes. This program is set to be launched in the early part of next year.

In November, the FDNY, federal agencies, and national organizations teamed up to launch a campaign called “Take Charge of Battery Safety.” The aim of this initiative is to raise awareness about the potential hazards associated with lithium-ion batteries.

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