Hundreds Of Migrants Arrive In New York City On 3 Buses Amidst The Migrant Crisis

Wagswoofs – New York City and other affected cities are experiencing another surge of migrants arriving by bus, as border crossings reach a record high once again.

Mayor Adams took action today by issuing Executive Order 538, which mandates enhanced coordination from charter bus companies responsible for transporting new migrant arrivals into New York City. This measure aims to prioritize the safety and well-being of both the migrants and the city staff who receive them.

Several buses arrived early on Friday morning, less than 48 hours after Mayor Eric Adams issued an emergency order regulating the number of buses that bring migrants into New York City.

Although Adams’ injunction was implemented overnight, three buses filled with asylum seekers arrived at the Port Authority Bus Terminal around four in the morning.

Buses Are Only Permitted To Enter The City In The Weekends

The order specifies that buses can only enter on weekdays between 8:30 a.m. and noon if they provide the city with a 32-hour notice in advance. Breaking the order could lead to a class B misdemeanor, fines, legal action, and the potential seizure of buses.

City officials have not responded to the latest arrival.

NYC Mayor Eric Adams’ Executive Order 538

As Texas Governor Greg Abbott intensifies his efforts to exploit asylum seekers for political gain, mayors Eric Adams of New York City, Mike Johnston of Denver, and Eric Johnson of Chicago are advocating for increased federal assistance in addressing the ongoing national asylum-seeker crisis.

Starting today, migrants arriving in New York City on charter buses, including those sent by the State of Texas, will be required to receive a 32-hour notice of arrival, provide information about the population they are transporting, and drop off passengers at a designated location in Manhattan only during specified hours.

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