Husband of Bronx day care owner captured in Mexico and his controversial past revealed by mugshot

New details about the past of the husband of the Bronx day care owner, who was charged in a toddler’s fentanyl-poisoning death, have emerged as he was seen for the first time in a Mexican mugshot on Wednesday. According to sources, this is the first time he has been seen since his arrest.

According to sources in law enforcement, Felix Herrera, a 38-year-old man, can be seen donning a black Puma T-shirt and a serious expression in a photograph taken after he was apprehended by Mexican authorities on Tuesday. He was caught trying to escape on a bus near Sinaloa.

Following the tragic death of 1-year-old Nicholas Feliz Dominici at the Divino Niño Daycare in Kingsbridge on September 15th, Herrera had been on the run. As reported in The New York Post, the incident resulted in the hospitalization of three others, and since then, Herrera had evaded capture until now.

Law enforcement sources revealed that Herrera was in the midst of yet another drug-related fatality last year. It was reported that somebody, who he purportedly identified as his own brother, suffered an overdose and passed away as a result.

According to insiders, he made a panicked call to the police in the Bronx on October 20, 2022, when he discovered his brother, later identified as Javier Maldonado, aged 42, lying unconscious on the floor. The police discovered a cache of pills in the bedroom during their investigation.

According to a source in law enforcement, it would be expected that an individual who has experienced the loss of a loved one due to drug addiction would take extra precautions.

Felix Herrera, 38, in his first mugshot since his arrest in Mexico on Tuesday. Herrera allegedly ran a drug-selling operation at his wife’s Bronx day care center. He was tracked down by US Marshals and Mexican authorities.

According to police sources, Herrera had a previous run-in with the law in 2013 for violating an order of protection and trespassing in Queens, which is also noted on his criminal record.

According to sources in law enforcement, Herrera was seen in Texas on Sunday before he crossed the southern border into Rosalia on Monday. Federal agents and Mexican police were in pursuit of him during this time.

According to sources, Mexican authorities have apprehended the suspect in Sinaloa, bringing an end to the manhunt on Tuesday.

It is anticipated that he will be handed over to United States authorities and subsequently extradited to New York.

According to authorities, the couple, along with two other individuals, allegedly used the child care center, which was managed by Herrera’s wife, Grei Mendez De Ventura, as a cover for their illicit drug-selling activities.

According to reports, Nicholas and three children from the day care fell ill after being exposed to fentanyl that was being stored in various locations within the facility, including under trap doors and in closets that were situated on top of play mats.

Mendez and Carlisto Acevedo Brito, who happens to be Herrera’s cousin, were taken into police custody a day after Nicholas’ passing. The charges pressed against them included murder, assault, and child endangerment.

One-year-old Nicholas Feliz Dominici died after being exposed to fentanyl at Divino Niño Daycare in the Bronx on Sept. 15.

Renny Antonio Parra Parades, 38, has been charged with federal drug offenses for his involvement in the purported drug operation this week. This is the third alleged accomplice to be implicated in the case, with Herrera still being sought by authorities. The manhunt for Herrera, who is believed to be on the run, has expanded to the Dominican Republic according to the latest reports.

According to police, he was identified as the primary figure involved in the suspected drug enterprise. The authorities have labeled him as “the main player” in the case.

According to federal prosecutors, the last sighting of the suspect was captured on surveillance footage. The video showed him leaving the day care center through the back door while carrying bags that allegedly contained drugs. The footage was released just moments before the police arrived to tend to the ill children.

After discovering the children, Mendez contacted both Herrera and a colleague before ultimately calling 911. This was confirmed by authorities.

Upon surrendering her phone to the authorities, it was discovered that she had erased over 21,000 messages from her husband.

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