I Have A F–k List Rather Than A Bucket List — Now I’m In Control

Wagswoofs – These are things she’s vowed to stop doing before she kicks the bucket.

A relationship expert from New York has switched from a “bucket list” to a “f–k it” list, which she says has made her life so much better.

Leah Marie Mazur, 41, shared her unique way of coping when she said, “Those are all things you have to say f–k it I am done.” Mazur’s approach to dealing with challenges is quite unconventional.

The catalog mentioned by the Buffalo-based divorce recovery coach, who operates Mindfully Ready LLC, can be likened to a bucket list. It allows individuals to mark off experiences and goals they aspire to achieve in their lifetime. This includes activities like visiting Thailand, yodeling, juggling chainsaws, and many more.

On the other hand, these unusual resolutions revolve around the idea of putting a temporary halt on the individuals and actions that hinder one’s ability to live a joyful and satisfying life, similar to psychological baggage.

“You’ve got to have that f–k it list — meaning for you to reach those goals and be the person you want to be, you need to think about what you no longer need to tolerate,” Mazur described. “What do you need to let go of? What beliefs are keeping you stuck? What habits are holding you back?”


She stated, “I am only accepting opportunities that will bring me closer to my desired destination and the person I aspire to become in the future.”

According to reports, Mazur shared that she was motivated to compile this unconventional list of secrets after her second divorce in 2018. She believed that by doing so, she could cleanse her social circle.

In accordance, the Buffalo gal said that a “big” goal on her “f–k it” list was jettisoning “people in my life who do not respect me or honor my boundaries.”

“I believe that as women, we often find ourselves tolerating behavior that has a negative impact on our well-being due to feelings of obligation or guilt,” she shared. “However, I learned the hard way that it is essential to prioritize healthy relationships in my life moving forward.”


Mazur has taken a proactive approach to improve her overall well-being by undergoing a physical and mental detoxification journey. She has made the conscious decision to eliminate alcohol and caffeine from her life, while also increasing her exercise routine. This dedication to self-improvement demonstrates Mazur’s commitment to enhancing her physical and mental health.

She reflected on her inner thoughts and embraced honesty, leading her to the realization that those things didn’t bring her joy or fulfillment.

Mazur’s “f–k it list” also includes goals like quitting worrying about what other people think, quitting talking badly to herself, and quitting thinking she’ll never find true love.


The New York native has accomplished most of the items on her take control of her life list. However, she doesn’t stop there. She constantly sets new goals for herself because she believes in pushing herself and continuing to grow.

According to Mazur, implementing a certain task or process is not a one-time event that can be checked off a list. It is an ongoing process that requires continuous improvement and additions as you progress.

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