IMPD Remains Frustrated As Illegal Street Takeovers Persist In Indianapolis

Wagswoofs – Illegal street takeovers have become increasingly prevalent and troublesome in Indianapolis, prompting local law enforcement to bolster their efforts.

Over the weekend, a police pursuit occurred, resulting in an officer-involved shooting as the most recent incident.

Lorenzo Lewis, the Northwest District Commander of IMPD, expressed his concern about the community’s strong opposition and the inherent risks associated with this activity.

IMPD stated that street takeovers often involve reckless driving, speeding, racing, spinning, and performing donuts, with potentially hundreds of participants at once.

These events often occur on private property without any kind of authorization, which is not only against the law but can also result in substantial damage and cleanup for property owners.

“They are conducting these events illegally,” Lewis stated. “They lack the necessary permits and authorization to hold such gatherings. Moreover, they do not possess the required licenses or permits for these activities. Consequently, they unlawfully obstruct traffic and trespass on private property without permission.”

As street takeovers become increasingly prevalent, law enforcement authorities are collaborating with other agencies to enhance their available resources.

Lewis emphasized the collaborative efforts with other agencies, particularly state police, in addressing community concerns. He wanted to reassure the community that they have been effective in their actions and urged them not to feel discouraged, as they have proven their ability to make a difference.

In recent times, IMPD has been called upon to handle numerous cases of reckless driving and spinning. Although they refrain from providing detailed information about these incidents, they assert that their new strategies have proven effective.

During the summer, we collaborated with the state police and other agencies on a significant operation. This operation resulted in more than 40 arrests and the recovery of 80 stolen vehicles.

According to police, while this activity may slow down during the colder months, it can still occur. Consequently, they are determined to emphasize this message.

Lewis issued a warning, stating, “You will face arrest. It is imperative that they understand this. They must be held responsible for their actions.”

If you notice any suspicious activity in your community, it is important to take action. One way you can help combat this problem is by calling the police right away. By reporting any suspicious behavior, you are playing an active role in keeping your community safe.

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