Indiana Siblings Receive Sentence Of Over 35 Years For Manufacturing And Distributing Machine Guns

Wagswoofs – In a groundbreaking case unfolding in the Southern District of Indiana, two brothers, Moyad Dannon, 25, and Mahde Dannon, both residents of Fishers, have been convicted for their involvement in a conspiracy to produce and distribute machine guns. Their ultimate goal was to provide material support to the infamous terrorist organization, ISIS.

The FBI’s Indianapolis Field Office’s Joint Terrorism Task Force, in collaboration with the Fishers Police Department, conducted a thorough investigation, leading to the sentencing by U.S. District Court Judge Richard L. Young.

Moyad Dannon was sentenced to 200 months in federal prison, along with a lifetime of supervised release, by the court. This came after he pleaded guilty to attempting to provide firearms, which are considered material support, to a designated foreign terrorist organization. It is worth noting that his brother, Mahde Dannon, had already been sentenced to twenty years in federal prison in October 2021 after pleading guilty to the exact same charges.

Between June 2018 and May 2019, a case unraveled, bringing to light a nefarious scheme orchestrated by the Dannon brothers. The brothers were involved in supplying stolen firearms and producing untraceable “ghost guns” for an undercover FBI agent and a cooperating individual.

The brothers engaged in the sale of unlawfully acquired firearms, starting with a convicted felon who was working with the FBI, and later transitioning to an undercover agent. Their activities escalated to the production of untraceable fully automatic .223 caliber rifles, which were intended for ISIS. These rifles were sold to an FBI undercover agent and confidential informant, who alleged to have ties to the designated foreign terrorist organization.

The brothers were fully aware of where the weapons would end up, yet they still chose to produce and sell over 55 more fully automatic “ghost guns”. They believed that these weapons would be sent to the Middle East and used by ISIS.

In the court, it was revealed that on May 15, 2019, the Dannon brothers knowingly produced five untraceable, fully automatic .223 caliber rifles with the intention of sending them overseas to ISIS. Afterward, the brothers sold all five weapons to undercover FBI agents who pretended to be employees of the buyer located near the southwest border. The FBI swiftly apprehended the Dannon brothers following the completion of the sale.

During the investigation, Moyad Dannon engaged in extensive conversations with an undercover agent, who he believed to be an ISIS member fighting in Syria. In these conversations, Moyad expressed his desire to travel from Indiana to ISIS-controlled areas in Syria, with the intention of directly providing military assistance to the terrorist organization.

U.S. Attorney Zachary A. Myers stressed the significance of thwarting domestic national security threats and praised the law enforcement agencies for their diligent work in disrupting and prosecuting such cases.

The Justice Department’s dedication to curbing gun violence is underscored by Deputy Attorney General Lisa O. Monaco, who emphasized the importance of taking action against the unlawful manufacturing and trafficking of ghost guns.

The case of the Fishers Brothers serves as a stark reminder of the challenges law enforcement encounters when dealing with the overlap of domestic criminal activity and support for international terrorism. The successful prosecution of the Dannon brothers highlights the significance of collaborative efforts in protecting communities from individuals who aim to undermine national security.

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