Indianapolis Man’s Body Pulled From Water After Florida Boat Mishap

Wagswoofs – The authorities have successfully located and retrieved the body of a man from Indianapolis who went missing while trying to recover his boat in Florida.

The body of 74-year-old James Mark Summers, also known as “Mark,” was discovered on December 13th by a dive team from the Martin County Sheriff’s Office. Summers, a seasonal resident from Indianapolis, was reported missing the previous night by his family.

Police say the event took place at the Hosford Park boat launch when Summers tried to put the boat into the water. The boat, however, came loose and slid into the water.

Summers bravely swam towards the boat, determined to climb aboard and halt its progress. According to a family member, Summers tightly gripped the side of the boat, but unfortunately slipped back into the water and did not resurface.

Multiple agencies carried out a search for him on the night of December 12 and resumed their efforts on the morning of December 13. However, the search was made difficult by the presence of murky water, zero visibility, debris, and alligators, according to authorities.

A unique piece of sonar equipment found Summers’ body in about 12 feet of water, 50 yards from the dock where he was last seen. On December 13, just before noon, a dive team discovered his body.

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