Indianapolis Police Arrested Two Juveniles Following A High-speed Pursuit

Wagswoofs – Two adolescents were taken into custody following a police pursuit in Indianapolis on Sunday afternoon.

The chase started around 3:10 p.m. near East 30th Street and North Sherman Drive, as stated in a public police report.

The conclusion of the chase is not explicitly mentioned in the report. According to IMPD’s report, the police were chasing a stolen tan 2018 Hyundai sedan.

A car that matches the description given by the police was involved in a chase and crashed in the vicinity of Fall Creek Road and Cavendish Road on Sunday afternoon. However, the authorities have not yet verified if the crashed vehicle is indeed the same one that was involved in the chase.

During their incident investigation, the police report states that ammunition and two semi-automatic pistols were also recovered.

Two teenage boys, aged 15 and 17, were apprehended by the IMPD. The 17-year-old is facing preliminary charges of three misdemeanors, which include resisting law enforcement and possessing a firearm in a dangerous manner.

The 15-year-old is currently facing four Level 6 Felony charges along with at least three misdemeanors. Here are some of the preliminary charges against the teenager:

    • Auto theft, Level 6 Felony
    • Resisting law enforcement with a vehicle, Level 6 Felony
    • Intimidation, Level 6 Felony
    • Theft of a firearm, Level 6 Felony
    • Dangerous possession of a firearm, misdemeanor
    • Reckless driving, misdemeanor

No new information has been released regarding the incident at the time of writing this article.

Please check back for updates as this is a developing story.

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