Indictment of 2 brothers and 5 accomplices in a fentanyl conspiracy connected to the deaths of teenagers.

Seven individuals from the Kansas City region, including two brothers, have been indicted by federal agents for their involvement in a fentanyl conspiracy that is linked to the tragic deaths of three teenagers from Belton.

In January, Tiger Dean Draggoo, who is 23 years old, faced charges in connection with a conspiracy. He was previously accused of his involvement in the matter.

According to the announcement made by the United States Attorney for the Western District of Missouri, the charges filed earlier have been replaced by the newly unsealed indictment as of Thursday.

The Draggoo brothers, Tiger and Colt Justin, are among the seven defendants who have been indicted. The other defendants’ ages vary between 20 and 23.

Tiger Draggoo has been accused of distributing fentanyl, which has resulted in three deaths. He is facing three counts of this charge.

Based on legal records, federal agents have accused him of dispensing fentanyl to three teenagers from August to December of 2022. Tragically, all three teenagers lost their lives due to acute fentanyl intoxication.

According to the charges, the remaining five defendants are alleged to have engaged in the distribution of fentanyl from December 1, 2021, to May 3, 2023.

Along with four others, Tiger Draggoo has been accused of money laundering. Furthermore, Tiger Draggoo is facing charges related to drug trafficking and possession of firearms.

In September of last year, Tiger Draggoo had an encounter with law enforcement prior to his arrest in January.

In September of 2022, surveillance officers were keeping a close eye on Tiger Draggoo’s apartment when they observed him leaving in a Jeep Renegade.

According to court documents, the officers trailed him and saw him commit several traffic violations.

After being signaled by a Jackson County deputy to pull over, the individual in question made the decision to flee the scene. He later returned to his apartment.

After a short while, Tiger and Colt Draggoo made their way into the apartment. It wasn’t long before Tiger emerged again, this time with a laundry bag in hand. He placed it carefully into the Jeep before heading back inside.

As soon as he saw a Jackson County deputy arrive at the apartment complex parking lot, he quickly dashed back inside.

After approaching the door, the officers politely requested to speak with Tiger Draggoo’s girlfriend, who initially claimed that he wasn’t present at the location.

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