Influencer Chloe Stott And Her Husband Died In A Car Crash On Their Way To Announce Pregnancy News To Family

Wagswoofs – A tragic car accident in Utah has claimed the lives of Chloe Stott, a popular skincare influencer, and her husband, Parker. The couple, who were expecting a child, were on their way to Arizona when their vehicle collided with a truck-tractor. Chloe Stott, the owner of Clover Skin Bar, leaves behind a grieving family and a devoted following in the skincare community.

The couple had intended to return home for the holidays, where they had planned to share the news of Chloe’s pregnancy with their families.

Sharing news of the couple on a tribute Instagram page, Parker & Chloe Forever, one post read: “Tragically, Chloe passed away at the scene. We are devastated and the world has truly lost one of its brightest lights. Chloe was extremely uplifting, inspiring, accomplished, and such a bright influence to so many around her. Even more heartbreaking, Chloe and Parker had recently found out they were pregnant.

“They were so excited to be parents and share the news with their loved ones over Christmas. The tragic car accident took the life of Chloe and their precious baby boy. By the looks of the truck they were in, we still have no idea how Parker miraculously survived. He was immediately life-flighted to Valleywise in Phoenix.”

Tragically, the heartbreaking update revealed that Parker has also succumbed to his injuries. In a poignant social media post, it was shared that Parker underwent his third surgery early this morning to address his burns and begin the process of skin grafting for his leg. However, the surgeons broke the devastating news that Parker’s injuries were even more severe than initially thought, leading to an extremely bleak outlook.

A few hours later, we were informed that Parker’s vital signs were declining rapidly. As a family, we gathered around him, showering him with kisses, hugs, and holding his hand tightly. We expressed our deep love for him and shared how incredibly proud we were of his strength and unwavering fight.

“At 6:47 pm, Parker grew his angel wings to fly him to Heaven to be with his sweet love Chloe and their baby. He also was warmly welcomed by his father-in-law Sheldon, whom he will finally get that chance to meet for the first time… As deeply saddened as we are to lose Parker, who had such a positive impact on so many people’s lives and brought us all so much happiness here on Earth, we are so thankful for God’s mercy that he gets to be with Chloe and relieved from all this pain. We know they are in a better place and get to be together.

“We are aware that they will be looking out for us, cheering us on until we can be reunited with them once more. Chloe & Parker, we will always love you.”

The community came together to hold a candlelit vigil for the couple. The post emphasized the importance of showing love and support to those who are hurting. It highlighted the special nature of the Gilbert community and expressed the hope that their outpouring of love would inspire others to take care of their own people, especially during times of great need. The post acknowledged the tangible power that comes from loving one’s neighbor.

The couple had two dogs with them in the car during the accident, but fortunately, the dogs managed to survive with only a few scratches and bruises. In a heartfelt post, it was mentioned that the dogs are currently being taken care of by the Stott family, who are providing them with plenty of love and attention.

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