Introducing the 8-year-old Who Is Helping Keep Hoosiers Warm

Wagswoofs –  Tables were set up outside Central Library on Tuesday, providing a warm meal, blankets, and other essentials to individuals experiencing homelessness.

Experiencing homelessness, Candice Webb reflects on her challenging journey, stating, “I’ve been through a lot out here.”

Webb has experienced homelessness for a period of four years.

“It’s incredibly important for us to know that there is someone who cares about us. This kind of support means a lot to us because it feels as though we are not alone in this difficult journey,” expressed Webb.

Malik Ford, an 8-year-old boy, is organizing the event on behalf of Malik’s Blankets for the Homeless. This initiative began as a school project, and Ford has taken it upon himself to make a difference in the lives of the homeless.

Ford expressed his aspirations for the future by sharing, “When we grow up, I wrote that I want to help feed the homeless.”

Continuing his efforts a year later, he received assistance from Grant Stuard, a Colts linebacker and special teams ace, on Tuesday.

Stuard expressed his admiration for the incredible feat, highlighting how it serves as a testament to the individual’s compassionate nature and genuine concern for others.

Stuart mentioned that he wanted to find additional ways to engage with the community and leverage his platform to support and amplify the efforts of others.

“It’s incredible because being grateful for what you have only highlights the need to do more and find solutions to help others,” Stuart expressed.

Ford is determined to inspire other young children and show them that they have the power to create positive change. In the previous year, he distributed a total of 200 blankets, but he has exceeded that number this year, already surpassing 200 blankets.

Ford expressed his desire to grow up as a God-fearing man, highlighting the virtues of kindness and generosity.

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