Iowa Official’s Wife Has Been Found Guilty Of All 52 Counts Of Voter Fraud

Wagswoofs – After a lengthy investigation, Kim Taylor, the wife of an Iowa county supervisor, was convicted on Tuesday of 52 counts of voter fraud. Her involvement in the 2020 election was the subject of this case, which has now come to a close.

According to federal prosecutors, Taylor made an attempt to sway votes during Iowa’s 2020 primary and general elections in order to aid her husband, Jeremy Taylor, who was running for Rep. Steve King’s (R-Iowa) former seat as Woodbury County Supervisor. Their ultimate goal was to secure a win for Jeremy Taylor in the primary elections.

According to prosecutors, Kim Taylor violated the law by assisting her husband in seeking reelection as a supervisor in the following fall, despite Jeremy Taylor losing the primary with only 8 percent of the vote. However, Jeremy managed to secure the position of supervisor in the end.

Prosecutors have alleged that Taylor engaged in fraudulent activities, including the submission of false absentee ballots and forging signatures on behalf of voters without their consent. Additionally, Taylor is accused of encouraging others to partake in similar illicit actions.

In January, authorities apprehended her.

A potential maximum sentence of five years each is attached to the 52 counts. As of now, a date for sentencing has not been set.

In a statement to local outlet KCAU, U.S. Attorney Timothy Duax condemned Taylor’s actions.

According to Duax, the constitutional right to vote is crucial, and depriving citizens of this right is a severe offense. In the case of Ms. Taylor, it was evident that she had done so to benefit her husband’s campaign. However, the verdict against her is proof that the justice system is effective in safeguarding citizens’ voting rights and ensuring that elections are fair and transparent.

In a statement, Jeremy Taylor, who is currently a county supervisor, came to the defense of his wife.

Although the outcome was not as expected, the speaker acknowledged the court system for giving his wife an opportunity to voice her side of the story. In an interview with KCAU, he stated, “While I will continue to prioritize decisions that benefit our community’s families, my immediate focus is to handle today’s verdict privately so that I can be there for my own family – my wife and children.”

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