Is It Illegal To Shake A Vending Machine In Louisiana? Here’s What the Law Says

The insatiable craving for a refreshing soda or a bag of chips can sometimes lead to frustration when a vending machine malfunctions. In a moment of impatience, the urge to give it a good shake might seem tempting. But before you unleash your inner Hulk on the metal behemoth, it’s crucial to understand the legal ramifications of such an action. So, is shaking a vending machine illegal in Louisiana?

The Short Answer:

No, there’s no specific law in Louisiana that explicitly outlaws shaking a vending machine. However, your seemingly harmless shake could fall under various broader statutes, potentially leading to legal consequences.

Delving Deeper:

While the absence of a specific “shaking vending machine” law seems like a green light, legal matters are rarely so black and white. Here’s how your actions could be interpreted under different Louisiana laws:

  1. Criminal Damage:

Shaking a vending machine with enough force to cause damage (cracks, dents, dislodged parts) could constitute criminal damage. Depending on the severity of the damage, you could face misdemeanor or even felony charges.

  1. Attempted Theft:

If your shaking is motivated by trying to dislodge items stuck inside the machine, it could be seen as an attempt to commit theft. The severity of the charges would depend on the value of the items you were trying to obtain.

  1. Disturbing the Peace:

Shaking a vending machine in a public place, especially if it causes a scene or disrupts others, could be considered a violation of disturbing the peace laws. This could lead to a fine or even an arrest.

  1. Civil Liability:

Even if your shaking doesn’t fall under criminal statutes, the owner of the vending machine could sue you for any damages caused by your actions. This could include repair costs, lost revenue, and even potential injuries sustained by anyone due to the malfunction caused by your shaking.

Beyond the Law:

Apart from the legal consequences, there are other reasons to avoid shaking a vending machine:

  • Safety: Shaking a heavy machine can cause it to topple over, potentially injuring yourself or others.
  • Ineffectiveness: Shaking rarely dislodges stuck items and can actually worsen the malfunction.
  • Warranty Issues: Tampering with the machine could void any warranty it might have.

Alternatives to Shaking:

Instead of resorting to brute force, try these strategies for dealing with a vending machine malfunction:

  • Check for simple issues: Make sure the money slot is clear, the buttons are registering correctly, and the item you chose is actually in stock.
  • Contact the owner or service provider: Look for contact information on the machine itself or ask someone at the location for assistance.
  • Report the issue: If the problem persists, report it to the owner or a relevant authority to ensure the machine is properly serviced and doesn’t malfunction again.


While shaking a vending machine might seem like a quick solution to your snack woes, it’s important to remember the potential legal and practical consequences. By understanding the laws, prioritizing safety, and exploring alternative solutions, you can avoid sticky situations and ensure a smooth and legal vending machine experience.

Note: This is just a general overview of the legal landscape in Louisiana. It is always recommended to consult with a qualified legal professional for specific advice regarding your situation.

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