Kentucky Mom Loses Her Arms And Legs After A Series Of Unfortunate Events Related To A Kidney Stone Infection

Wagswoofs – According to a new report, a mother of two awoke in a Kentucky hospital with both legs amputated and was informed she’d soon lose her arms as a result of a “perfect storm” that began with a kidney stone.

WLEX reported that Lucinda “Cindy” Mullins, 41, a long-time nurse, recently underwent treatment for a kidney stone.

However, Mullins’ medical ordeal did not finish there; her stone grew infected, and she became septic.

“Quite rare,” Mullins told the network of the life-altering turn of events. “It was a perfect storm – over a kidney stone.”

According to the publication, she was taken from Fort Logan Hospital in Stanford to the U.K. Hospital in Lexington, where she remained drugged for days.

When she awoke, her legs had been amputated from the knees down, and physicians informed her that in order to save her life, her arms would also have to be amputated.

“I’ve lost my legs from the knees down bilaterally and I’m going to lose my arms probably below the elbow bilaterally,” Mullins said. “The doctor I used to work with, he kind of was like, ‘this is what they had to do to save your life, this is what’s happened.’”

Mullins, however, remained unfazed by the shocking medical news. She emphasized that this turn of events now provides her with the opportunity to spend more quality time with her husband DJ and their young sons.

“I’m just so happy to be alive,” she said. “I get to see my kids. I get to see my family. I get to have my time with my husband. Those are minor things at this point.”

She added, “I simply acknowledged the cards I’ve been given and decided to play the hands I have.”

Mullins has been overwhelmed with support as news of her condition has spread.

She shared, “At one point, they informed me that there were about 40 individuals waiting in the room,” mentioning the overwhelming support she received. She expressed her gratitude for the numerous calls, texts, prayers, and thoughtful gestures that people had sent her way. The words of encouragement she received were particularly touching.

“I can’t believe that people are going out of their way to do things for me,” she expressed with disbelief.

As of Sunday afternoon, the GoFundMe page created for Mullins’ family has raised almost $105,000 out of its $250,000 target.

“We initiated this fundraising campaign with the intention of providing support to our beloved hero, Cindy, and her devoted husband, DJ, who has stood by her through thick and thin,” stated the page’s organizers.

“Cindy and DJ have two young children who are missing their mom and dad terribly. Sometimes life is hard and there’s no way around it. Cindy and DJ’s world has come to a complete stop, but the world around them continues to move forward.”

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