Lainey Wilson Remembers Her First Impression of Travis Kelce and Patrick Mahomes Following Concert Meet-and-Greet

Lainey Wilson has joined the ranks of football enthusiasts who are singing praises for Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce. In fact, she was so impressed by the two athletes that she recently expressed her admiration for them on The Messenger. It seems like Mahomes and Kelce aren’t just making waves on the football field – they’re also winning over hearts in the entertainment industry.

Back when Kansas City Chiefs games weren’t yet considered to be must-see TV for Taylor Swift fans, there was a country singer who had the chance to meet two of the team’s star players during one of her concerts. As per Wilson, the meet-and-greet was definitely a touchdown moment.

While collaborating with Lone River, she expressed to The Messenger her admiration for the couple who are fans of country music. “It’s really cool to see their love for the genre,” she shared exclusively. Upon meeting them at her show, she felt an instant connection with the down-to-earth and hardworking couple, as though they had been friends for years.

In April, Wilson was overjoyed when the athletes and Brittany Mahomes attended her concert, and she couldn’t contain her excitement. The fans were unaware that the “Watermelon Moonshine” singer was dating the former NFL quarterback, Devlin “Duck” Hodges, at that time. Wilson shared her excitement on Instagram, which was a thrilling moment for her.

Wilson expressed her enjoyment, stating “It was fun.” She also revealed that she is currently dating an ex-NFL player and is in the process of learning more about football. Despite this, she emphasized that she loves the overall atmosphere of the sport.

Lainey Wilson, the award-winning country singer who has been touring all over the country, recently confirmed her romance with ex-NFL player Devlin Hodges at the ACM Awards in May. When she’s not busy collecting trophies and performing on stage, Wilson likes to unwind by enjoying game day at her home in Nashville, where she can often be found sipping on Lone River beverages.

“I always make it a point to watch college football, and when I do, my support goes to the LSU Tigers. Being from Louisiana, I feel a sense of pride in representing my home state. I like to make the experience even better by enjoying some beer and snacks while soaking in the lively atmosphere. It’s just the perfect way to spend a relaxing day.”

Over the weekend, Wilson collaborated with Lone River to bring music enthusiasts in Nashville a memorable evening. The concert event, A Night on the Ranch, was a fantastic blend of live performances, refreshing cocktails, and an atmosphere full of positive energy.

Wilson has been delighting some fans who have no idea what’s coming, by giving them tickets to a show along with some Lone River Ranch Water. “It has been an absolute blast,” she said. “As I don’t get to spend much time in Downtown Broadway, getting the chance to do something like this is always a lot of fun.”

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