Large Tree Collapse In Crown Heights, Damaging Cars And Power Lines

Wagswoofs –  On Monday morning, a large tree toppled over on 79th Street and 15th Avenue in Bensonhurst. The falling tree damaged several cars and resulted in the disruption of power lines.

Residents reported hearing a loud noise at approximately 5 a.m. and witnessed the sight of a fallen tree. The aftermath of the incident left debris, branches, and tree trunks scattered throughout the entire street.

Jerry Nazarre, a nearby resident, expressed his surprise and shock at the extent of the damage caused by the incident. He mentioned that he had only realized the severity of the situation when he stepped outside this morning. Although he was fortunate that his own car was not affected, he empathetically apologized to the owner of the vehicle that had suffered the unfortunate fate.

The New York City Parks Department swiftly arrived at the scene and efficiently cleared away the majority of the debris. Additionally, they skillfully removed the remaining part of the tree.

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