Lee’s Summit Offers Free Oil Changes and Car Maintenance to Single Mothers

Derek’s Automotive Service prides itself on their ability to quickly service a car in under 30 minutes. However, on a day when they were supposed to be closed, they unexpectedly found themselves inundated with customers. Despite this unexpected turn of events, their unwavering commitment to their customers remained unchanged. Kara Musgrave was one such customer who was pleasantly surprised by their exceptional service and left with gratitude instead of a bill.

Musgrave, a single mother of three, explained the significance of it by saying, “It means the world to me because I couldn’t afford the $60 to $70 oil change.”

Over the weekend, The Summit Church in Lee’s Summit, along with a car shop, had the privilege of hearing from nearly a dozen moms who were in need of assistance. In a heartwarming partnership, they came together to cover the costs of car maintenance for these hardworking single moms.

According to the partners, they had planned to allocate a few thousand dollars for providing complimentary oil changes to a group of 50 mothers over the weekend. Although only a few of them turned up, the partners believed that it was still a valuable initiative to undertake.

Chris Chandler, the associate pastor for The Summit Church, recounted a heartwarming incident where a mother was late for her appointment due to her car battery dying. Despite the delay, Chandler and his colleague Austin stepped up and offered to replace her battery. The mother was overcome with emotion, highlighting the impact of small acts of kindness.

An oil change is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to maintenance for your vehicle. The process involves more than just removing the old oil and replacing it with fresh oil. It’s a comprehensive procedure that includes inspecting the vehicle for any potential issues, checking fluids, and replacing filters. So, when you hear the phrase “oil change,” think of it as a necessary step in a larger process of maintaining your car’s overall health.

Austin Sanders, one of the co-owners of Derek’s Automotive, expressed his sentiment by stating, “I’ve mentioned it several times, but it still gives me goosebumps.”

As a single mother, sometimes even the smallest gesture can make a huge difference in making life a little easier for a few more months. For Musgrave, a visit that was three to four months past due was much needed and appreciated.

“It’s just really tough, I struggle to put it into words,” she shared. “Being unemployed though, it did provide me with the chance to finally complete it.”

Derek’s Automotive Service and The Summit Church are collaborating to revive the event in the near future.

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