Louisiana Senator John Kennedy, 72, Makes Startling Statement Exposing Corruption In New Orleans

Wagswoofs – In a recent Senate Banking Committee hearing, Senator John Kennedy (R-LA) drew attention to disturbing levels of corruption within the New Orleans government, with a specific focus on flooding-related matters.

During his speech, Senator Kennedy openly acknowledged the presence of Mr. Michael Hecht, President & CEO of Greater New Orleans, Inc.

Senator Kennedy highlighted two major flooding issues in Louisiana: hurricane-related flooding and non-hurricane flooding.

New Orleans’ geographical vulnerability, situated below sea level in a basin, is the reason for the Louisiana Republican’s concern.

Senator Kennedy raised concerns about the long-standing Sewage and Water Board, describing it as a “hotbed of political patronage and corruption.”

The Louisiana Senator pointed out various instances of corruption, including payroll fraud, a secret sex room, and FBI raids targeting the Sewage and Water Board. These headlines highlight the extent of corruption that has been uncovered.

The speaker stressed the importance of revealing the truth for the benefit of the citizens, even though the business community may be hesitant to speak up.

“The management of the Sewage and Water Board needs to be changed, as the people of New Orleans deserve better,” stated Senator Kennedy passionately.

Senator Kennedy suggested two possible solutions: either transferring control to the state of Louisiana or privatizing the board. This proposal indicates a lack of confidence in the current political leadership.

The address also discussed the national flood insurance program and raised concerns about FEMA’s recent modifications.

Senator Kennedy accused FEMA of falsely promoting the efficacy of a recently developed algorithm aimed at forecasting the likelihood of flooding.

According to him, the program’s intention was being undermined, as Louisiana residents were experiencing significant increases in premiums.

“The main objective behind the national flood insurance program is to offer an affordable product to the people,” Senator Kennedy emphasized.

FEMA was criticized for increasing premiums without adequately addressing the needs of the people. The call for reform was made, highlighting the need for change in their approach.

Senator Kennedy expressed his support for a bill, which he co-sponsored with Bob Menendez (D-NJ). The bill aims to limit premium rate increases to 9%.

He called for a reassessment of FEMA’s practices and condemned both the agency and politicians for enabling the continued corruption within the Sewage and Water Board.

Senator John Kennedy’s remarks highlight the severity of corruption within the New Orleans government and the significant consequences it carries.

The issue of flooding and mismanagement in the Sewage and Water Board goes beyond immediate concerns. It highlights a larger problem that affects Americans.

The well-being of citizens is at risk due to the compromised integrity of essential services and the questionable practices of the national flood insurance program.

Comprehensive reforms in governance and disaster management are essential not just for New Orleans but also for addressing the potential consequences that could arise.

Citizens are facing the challenge of increasing insurance premiums and the risk of insufficient flood control. This highlights the pressing need for transparent, accountable, and efficient governance.

It is crucial to address these issues not only for the residents of New Orleans but also to safeguard the trust and welfare of Americans nationwide.

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