Maintenance Worker At Apartment Complex Accused Of Killing 15-year-old Resident

Wagswoofs – Tevis Walker was taken into custody on preliminary murder charges in connection with the killing of Carr. According to police, surveillance footage revealed that Carr had entered Walker’s vehicle at 4:15 a.m. on October 28 prior to her murder.

According to reports, Walker drove his car into the location where the victim’s body was found more than an hour later, as reported by WTHR. Following the victim’s tragic death, Demetria Boston, Carr’s mother, along with other apartment residents, expressed their dissatisfaction with management for hiring Walker, citing his questionable background. Boston stated that the company had let them down.

Boston expressed his frustration, questioning how the individual with an outstanding warrant from Alabama was permitted to work at the location. He couldn’t comprehend how such a thing was possible and felt tormented by the situation.

Tyandra Nelson, a resident of the community, believes that the employees who work on the homes should have the same qualifications as the tenants. She questions the logic behind allowing workers with felonies and warrants to enter their homes, while the tenants themselves cannot have such records. Tyandra argues that it is only fair for everyone to have the same standards when it comes to living and working in the community.

The motive behind the killing has not been stated by the police yet. In an interview with FOX59, Boston expressed her emotional turmoil, stating that she feels empty, confused, sick, and unable to sleep due to the torture her baby had to suffer.

According to a statement issued by the Gene B. Glick Company, the residential building’s owner, they hired Walker in June 2023 after he successfully passed state and national background checks conducted by a professional screening company.

According to the statement, in order to be hired as a Glick employee, all applicants are required to undergo a background check. However, in this particular case, the background checks failed to uncover the pending charges against the individual in both Alabama and Georgia. The company has launched an investigation into their background check provider for clarification on the matter.

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