Man Charged After Assaulting Indianapolis Construction Worker At Worksite

Wagswoofs –  An Indianapolis construction worker was able to quickly recover and return to work after being assaulted by a man at a construction site on the northeast side.

Rakeytra Thomas was overseeing the flow of traffic at the intersection of 52nd Street and Keystone Avenue while her team was busy resurfacing the roads in the vicinity, as stated in court records.

As she directed vehicles out of the Walgreens parking lot and blocked the western entrance exit for the paving crew, a man now identified as Daniel Scalf hit Thomas with his Buick Encore.

Court records show that Scalf then got out of his car and started hitting the woman.

Scalf hit Thomas with his car door and then kicked the metal sign out of Thomas’s hands during the fight. Witnesses say Scalf hit Thomas in the chest with a punch and then yanked Thomas’ shirt off to show a gun in his underwear in a scary way.

Because Thomas had already hurt her sternum in a car accident, Scalf’s shove was very painful for her, which is why she started to protect herself.

A court record says that Thomas pushed Scalf’s chest before the fight ended.

Back at work, Thomas just wants this to teach drivers in Indianapolis to be careful around people who are just doing their jobs.

“I want to tell everyone that they should be careful around the construction workers who are out here.” “Our family awaits us at home,” Thomas said.

Scalf is being accused of frightening someone with a deadly weapon and hitting someone, which caused harm.

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