Man Collected And Returned 81 Abandoned Shopping Carts From Indian Creek Trail

Wagswoofs –  Terrence Nash follows a daily routine.

Nash strolls along the Indian Creek Trail in south Kansas City every other day.

Megan Abundis from KSHB 41 joined him for a walk on Tuesday.

He spends time outside, not just for the fresh air, but also to contribute to his community.

Nash expressed, “Well, you see, it’s my neighborhood.”

He has assumed the responsibility of maintaining and tidying up the trail.

He pointed out the trash being thrown into the river nearby.

Nash is incredibly observant.

He stated that the tent had been in place since December 16.

He has meticulously documented all the important events on his calendar.

“In December alone, we retrieved a total of nine shopping carts,” he stated.

Nash takes it upon himself to collect discarded shopping carts left on the trail and brings them back to stores such as Price Chopper, Aldi, and TJ Maxx.

Throughout the entirety of 2023, he managed to gather a total of 81 shopping carts.

We received a collection of 23 photographs depicting various abandoned shopping carts in different seasons and settings – from snowy landscapes to springtime scenes with blooming flowers, from leaf-covered paths to lush green grass, and even in dusty dirt-filled areas.

Size or location were irrelevant when it came to the carts, whether they were small or positioned under a bridge.

Nash will bring the wheel back and give it back.

He wants the city to do more to help keep the area clean while he stays on the path.

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