Man convicted in the killing of 87-year-old grandmother to serve an 8-year sentence in state prison

On Friday, the sentencing of a woman who pushed a grandmother, leading to her death, will take place. The incident has caused a great deal of grief among the victim’s loved ones.

At just 27 years old, Lauren Pazienza hails from Port Jefferson and is already making her mark.

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As per the agreement of the plea, Pazienza will serve a term of eight years in a state prison, followed by five years of post-release supervision. In contrast, if found guilty, she could have faced a maximum sentence of 25 years in jail.

According to District Attorney Alvin Bragg, Lauren Pazienza pushed Barbara Gustern with extreme force, causing her to fall to the ground and leaving her with severe injuries. Pazienza has finally pled guilty, and this plea serves as a recognition of her culpability in the incident that led to the death of the beloved New Yorker. Despite the fact that Barbara Gustern was a talented performer and vocal coach who had touched the hearts of many in New York City and beyond, she was unable to escape the tragic outcome of Pazienza’s actions. We continue to mourn her loss and cherish her memory.

As she was concluding her rehearsal on March 10th in Chelsea, Barbara Maier Gustern became the victim in question.

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According to officials, Pazienza remained in the vicinity for approximately 20 minutes following the assault. Afterward, she and her partner took the subway to their residence in Astoria, Queens.

Late that evening, she finally confided in her fiancé about the assault, admitting that she had pushed someone. In response, Pazienza quickly deleted all of her social media accounts and even took down her wedding website. Eventually, she fled to Long Island to stay with her family, as disclosed by the district attorney.

After sustaining a serious head injury, Gustern was rushed to the hospital in a critical state.

After a span of five days, the police declared that she passed away due to the injuries she sustained.

According to researchers, New York City is experiencing a subsidence rate of approximately 1.6 millimeters per year. Queens has seen the most significant vertical land motion from 2016 to 2023, with two neighborhoods experiencing the most rapid changes.

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