Man Goes on NYC Rampage, Attacking 3 People with Glass Bottle, Starting at Midtown Whole Foods

According to authorities, an individual went on a violent and unprovoked rampage on Thursday evening, attacking three individuals with a glass bottle at a Whole Foods Market in Manhattan. The attacker’s motives remain unclear at this time.

According to the authorities, the series of assaults began outside the Bryant Park-facing Whole Foods on Sixth Avenue. It was around 6:40 p.m. when the 33-year-old assailant attacked a 23-year-old man by hitting him with a bottle.

According to the NYPD, the perpetrator proceeded to enter the store and made his way up to the second floor where he assaulted a 49-year-old woman.

Afterwards, he ran outside and sought refuge in the subway station located at 47th Street and 6th Avenue. While there, he accidentally hit a 55-year-old woman who happened to be on the train.

According to sources, Michael Howell, the alleged suspect, was apprehended by the police on 46th Street and subsequently charged with assault.

The three individuals who were injured in the incident were taken to the hospital and are currently in stable condition.

Upon viewing images taken outside of Whole Foods, it appears that a woman is being transported to an ambulance with her head securely wrapped in bandages.

In the back of an ambulance, a man was spotted tending to what seemed to be a head injury.

As he was being escorted by the police officer, a man wearing a black graphic hoodie and black pants and sporting glasses was seen entering the Midtown South precinct in handcuffs.

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