Man’s bomb claim leads to evacuation of Port Authority Bus Terminal in New York

Wagswoofs – On Wednesday, November 15 at approximately 8:45 pm, the Port Authority Bus Terminal in New York City was evacuated following a man’s claims that he had a bomb. The incident caused a scare, resulting in people evacuating the Midtown terminal.

According to sources in law enforcement, a man has barricaded himself inside the bus terminal and asserted that he is carrying an explosive device. The Port Authority Police and NYPD immediately responded to the situation, and an investigation is currently underway.

Commuters were advised by the NYPD to anticipate traffic delays, disruptions in mass transit, and the presence of emergency personnel in the vicinity of the terminal. Passengers were instructed to avoid the area while the package was being dealt with.

Police took the man into custody, and service resumed to normal after receiving the all-clear at around 11 pm. Governor Kathy Hochul praised the police for their efforts in resolving the incident.

In a statement, Hochul acknowledged being informed about the suspicious package at the Port Authority Bus Terminal, which had resulted in the evacuation of the terminal. She expressed gratitude towards the police for their swift actions in locating and removing the suspicious package from the area. As a result, normal operations at the bus terminal are now being resumed.

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