Man’s Hilarious Reaction Caught on Camera as He Discovers Large NYC Rat Walking on Car Hood: ‘I Don’t Know Where It Went’

During a recent trip to attend a wedding in upstate New York, a man from Brooklyn was surprised to find a rat had hitched a ride with him on the hood of his car.

While en route to a wedding in upstate New York, a man encountered an unexpected passenger on his BMW car. A city rat had somehow managed to climb aboard and was now accompanying the driver on his journey. This unusual situation left the man in need of “road-dent insurance” to protect his vehicle from any potential damage caused by the rodent.

While in Roscoe, New York, Kevin Coop captured a viral social media video showcasing his hilarious reaction to discovering a rat that had migrated from the bustling streets of Brooklyn to a peaceful upstate New York byway. The video’s location is approximately a two-hour drive from New York City.

Coop, in the video, expressed how he had recently travelled far upstate and had unintentionally brought along a rat from Brooklyn. He used explicit language to emphasize the situation.

While on his way from Brooklyn, New York to the upstate, Kevin Coop came across an unexpected guest. As he was driving, he spotted a stowaway, which he later captured on camera.

Kevin Coop was driving from Brooklyn, New York to the upstate when he spotted a stowaway.

As captured in a snapshot by Kevin Coop, a rat was seen scurrying up his car.

As shown in the video, the rat boldly climbs up the hood of Coop’s vehicle and then swiftly retreats to hide between the car’s windshield.

The city of New York is taking a new step in its ongoing battle against rodents. They are hiring a new ‘rat czar’ to lead their efforts in controlling the rat population. This move shows the city’s commitment to tackling the persistent issue of rodents in the area. The rat czar will have the responsibility of overseeing various programs aimed at reducing the number of rats in the city. This is a positive development for residents who have long complained about the presence of rats in their neighborhoods. With the new leadership, there is hope that the city can make significant progress in addressing this issue.

Coop’s exclamation of “Holy sh–!” echoed through the room as he frantically searched for something. “Where did it go?” he muttered, clearly perplexed and concerned.

According to reports, the brave rat managed to survive an incredible two-hour journey from New York City to upstate New York. The remarkable feat was captured by Kevin Coop, who shared the story and some amazing images on his Instagram account, MisterCoop. It’s truly amazing how resilient and resourceful animals can be when faced with unexpected challenges.

Coop later shared a video in which he can be seen inspecting the engine of his vehicle while the rat that was previously spotted scurrying around is also present.

In the video, a woman’s voice is heard yelling “Eww.”

As laughter fills the air, Coop confesses, “I have no clue where it disappeared to.”

Coop did not mention in his video whether the ‘mouse-termind’ was able to successfully escape and start its new life in upstate New York.

A little rodent scurries across a subway platform in the bustling Times Square of New York City. This moment was captured in a photograph by Richard Drew, as seen in the image in this article.

As the rat sightings in New York City continue to rise, a humorous video has surfaced to provide some comic relief. According to a report released last fall, the number of rat sightings has increased by 70% in comparison to two years ago.

Mayor Eric Adams, a democrat, has made it clear that rats are a major concern for the city and has even gone so far as to call them “public enemy number one.” In October of 2022, the City Council developed a comprehensive rat action plan aimed at addressing the issue head-on. This plan is designed to take a systematic approach to combatting the rat population in the city.

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