Mayor Issued Executive Order For Buses Transporting Migrants To NYC Amidst Flight Disruptions

Wagswoofs – New York City Mayor Eric Adams issued an executive order on Wednesday, mandating that charter bus companies transporting migrants must provide a 32-hour notice before entering the city. This decision comes in response to the chaos that ensued on Tuesday night, triggered by the actions of Texas Governor.

Passengers can now only arrive between 8:30 a.m. and noon, from Monday to Friday. The city has specified that drop-offs should be made at one designated location, unless instructed otherwise.

If you fail to comply with this requirement, you could face serious consequences including a class B misdemeanor, potential fines, lawsuits, and even having your buses impounded.

“We really are saying to bus operators and companies, do not participate in Governor Abbott’s actions,” Adams said. “We want them to take the appropriate actions of being responsible by taking those actions during the hours we are laying out. Those asylum seekers on the buses, they will not be penalized any way at all. This does not impact those passengers on the buses.”

“We had a plane with over 180 migrants depart for NYC yesterday – it was re-rerouted due to weather/ground stoppage in NYC, and the migrants were bused the remaining way,” a spokesperson for Gov. Abbott said.

The migrants were transported by bus to the Port Authority in Philadelphia, arriving around 12:30 a.m. on Wednesday.

City officials suspect that Abbott is employing a new tactic as part of his ongoing efforts to relocate asylum seekers to larger urban areas.

According to a spokesperson for Adams, Texas made a cruel move last night by treating people like political pawns. They attempted to send an unannounced and uncoordinated plane with migrants to New York City, but it was diverted to Philadelphia due to extreme weather. However, the passengers were then transported to Philadelphia via bus.

According to the spokesperson, the Arrival Center experienced an unprecedented influx of 14 rogue buses from the State of Texas last week. This marked the highest number of buses ever recorded in a single night.

Adults, including couples, patiently lined up outside the Port Authority, awaiting their turn to be transported to a different location. Meanwhile, some adults chose to make their way towards Eighth Avenue on foot.

Other cities have also experienced unexpected and disorganized arrivals, not just New York City.

Last week, the office of Abbott witnessed a significant event.

More than 120 migrants were transported to Chicago via air travel.

During a virtual press event on Wednesday afternoon, the crisis was addressed by the mayors of Chicago and Denver along with Adams.

According to Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson, buses have been arriving not only in the city of Chicago but also in surrounding communities. He expressed his concern about the situation, stating that some neighborhoods, located as far as an hour and a half outside of Chicago, have been receiving buses sent by the governor of Texas. Mayor Johnson described this as families being dropped off in the middle of nowhere.

New York City is currently experiencing an influx of migrants, putting significant strain on the city’s resources.

According to city officials, the number of new asylum seekers arriving every month is estimated to be around 16,000. In just the past week, over 4,000 asylum seekers have arrived in the city.

During a press briefing on Tuesday, Adams reiterated the city’s urgent need for assistance.

“We are currently facing multiple crises, which has created a great deal of uncertainty. Governor Abbott’s intentions seem to be centered around destabilizing cities and bringing in a large number of migrant and asylum seekers to our city,” he explained. “Despite the lack of support from Washington, D.C., it is my duty as the mayor to find solutions and navigate our way through these challenges. We also require additional assistance from our partners in Albany as they enter this legislative session.”

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