Mcsally Claims She Was Sexually Assaulted During Run

Wagswoofs – While on a run along the Missouri River, which borders Nebraska and Iowa, former Sen. Martha McSally (R-Ariz.) disclosed that she was sexually assaulted on Wednesday.

After completing the run, McSally shared a video on Instagram in which she stated, “I am OK.” She added that the adrenaline was still pumping through her system at the time.

“He wrapped me in a bear hug from behind and began touching and fondling me until I managed to fight him off,” she recounted. “I didn’t let him go so easily, though. I chased him down while hurling a string of expletives at him.”

McSally revealed that when she was faced with the situation, she had to make a quick decision between fight, flight or freeze. She made the choice to fight and took action by chasing after the perpetrator and throwing her water bottle at him. She pursued him into the brush, where he was hiding, all while calling 911 and waiting for the police to arrive. Despite the perpetrator not being found, McSally is doing alright.

Having openly shared her experience of being sexually assaulted by a superior during her time in the Air Force, the ex-Arizona senator revealed that she still had a lot to come to terms with after her recent encounter on Wednesday.

In her statement, she acknowledged that the issue she brought up resonated with the experiences of other survivors of sexual abuse and assault, including those she had personally endured in the past. She emphasized that she had done her best to heal from those traumatic experiences, but in this particular case, she was able to reclaim her agency and regain a sense of control over her own narrative.

McSally revealed that when someone attempted to take power from her, she quickly turned the tables on them, causing them to flee from her instead. However, she clarified that she is not offering any advice on how others should handle similar situations.

In her own words, she expressed, “It wasn’t a conscious decision that I made. I simply acted on impulse.”

According to her website, McSally has served in both the House and the Senate, taking over for the late Sen. John McCain (R). She often speaks on the topics of overcoming fear, building exceptional teams, and developing agility and resilience in a world that is constantly changing.

During her speech in Omaha, Nebraska on Wednesday night, the former senator discussed the topics of courage and heart, emphasizing the importance of being a brave heart. She also shared that her own courage had recently been tested.

She expressed that she still has a lot to process and will take her time to do so. However, she is determined to settle herself down neurologically and process everything in a healthy manner. This is something she teaches others to do as well.

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