Metro Renowned Turkey Killed By A Vehicle

Wagswoofs – It’s with a heavy heart that we share the news of the demise of the beloved turkey of Oklahoma City. Reports on social media suggest that the turkey was hit by a vehicle, leading to its unfortunate passing. This news has left many residents in the area saddened and mourning the loss of their beloved feathered friend.

This feathered creature, known as “Matilda” among some and “Tommie” among others, and at times simply referred to as “Tom”, has chosen the area around Southwest 119th and Western, near Moore, as its abode.

There are several Facebook pages dedicated to “Tommie”, the turkey that has been residing in the area for the past year according to local residents.

Near the intersection of Western and 119th, where the bird was frequently spotted, a small memorial has been erected as a tribute.

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