Michigan Authorities Shoot And Kill A Fleeing Suspect In Domestic Violence While Firing At Them From A Tree Stand

Wagswoofs – According to local reports, police killed a man in Michigan who was accused of domestic violence after he reportedly shot at officers while hiding in a tree stand over the weekend.

Michigan State Police went to a house in the Fife Lake area on Saturday after getting a report of a domestic violence episode, according to WJRT, a local ABC affiliate. Prior to police arriving, the suspect left the area, and a neighbor said they saw him on a trail camera about a mile from the scene of the crime.

An outlet reports that when a different neighbor was asked to check on a nearby trailer where the suspect had been seen on the trail camera, the suspect reportedly came out of the trailer and fired a gun into the air.

As the news outlet reports, a state Department of Natural Resources officer and a Kalkaska County sheriff’s deputy came on the scene and followed the suspect into the woods, where they took cover when they heard gunfire.

Then, according to WJRT, a team from the state police took over and found the suspect in the woods, climbing up a tree.

The police said there was a “confrontation” between the suspect and the cops, and shots were fired at the tree stand. Officers found a loaded gun under the man’s body in the tree stand and declared him dead at the scene.

After shooting the suspect, the police officers were put on paid administrative leave while the event was looked into.

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