Milan Man Sentenced To 55 Years For Deadly Hammer Attack In 2021

Wagswoofs – Ward Davis, a Milan resident, has been given a 55-year prison sentence for the murder of Julie Bowser in 2021. Davis had already admitted to the first-degree murder charges related to the violent attack.

A new food store chain opened its first store in Iowa at Pineview Apartments on Friday, September 17, 2021. According to court papers, Davis struck Bowser, who was 54 years old at the time, several times with a hammer during the attack. Due to the serious head injuries caused by the assault, Bowser passed away approximately five days later.

As part of the plea deal, Davis had other charges dropped, such as aggravated assault and attempted arson. The attempted arson charge stemmed from a gas can that was discovered on fire in the laundry room of the apartment building on the day of the attack.

A resident in the apartment building recounted to News 8 the frightening events of that day. He mentioned witnessing smoke and finding the gas can ablaze. Upon further investigation, he discovered Bowser lying motionless near her apartment, approximately 20 feet from the door. A neighbor remained by her side until help arrived.

The Milan community will witness the conclusion of this case as Davis receives a substantial prison term. The sentence, which was announced on Monday, December 11, takes into account the time Davis has already served. It reflects the gravity of the crime and its impact on the community.

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