Milan Teenager In Critical Condition After Being Struck By Car Thursday

Wagswoofs – A teenager from Milan was airlifted to a hospital in Iowa City on Thursday after being struck by a vehicle. The incident left her with critical injuries that posed a threat to her life.

Rock Island High School freshman Payton Wade, 14, got hit by a car at approximately 5 p.m. on Thursday. The incident occurred while Payton was crossing Highway 67 near Camden Park in Milan. Both the police and the family confirmed this unfortunate event.

Wade was taken to a local hospital in an ambulance before being airlifted to the University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital for emergency surgery.

Wade’s mother, Alexa Anderson, wasted no time in gathering a few days’ worth of clothes to accompany her daughter to Iowa City for her treatment with doctors.

Wade’s parents are anxiously waiting for news from doctors as she remains in a medically induced coma as of Saturday night.

Anderson expressed her deep concern about her daughter’s condition, stating, “I am uncertain whether my daughter will recover from this ordeal. Even if she does, we cannot be sure of the potential neurological damage that may have occurred. It is possible that there could be long-lasting consequences.”

According to Wade’s parents, the driver who was involved in the incident remained at the scene and cooperated with the authorities. However, they mentioned that they are unaware of the driver’s identity.

The Milan police are currently investigating the collision; however, they have not provided any additional information at this time.

The family has established a GoFundMe page to assist with the financial burden of medical expenses and temporary living arrangements in Iowa City.

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