Mom Finds Out Son Is Running Experiment To See If Santa Is Real: ‘help”

Wagswoofs – A Connecticut mother is feeling anxious about Christmas this year after her 9-year-old son claimed to have discovered a method to verify Santa Claus’ existence.

Dorie, an elementary school Spanish teacher and Ph.D. candidate, turned to X (formerly Twitter) for advice when she discovered her eldest son Silas’ scheme. Sharing her predicament under the handle doriecp, she explained the situation she is currently facing.

“I’ve been trying to get my 9-year-old to write down his Christmas wish list, but he’s been refusing,” she shared. “After some persistence, he finally confessed that he’s conducting an experiment to test the existence of Santa. He whispered his wish list out loud in an empty room, convinced that only Santa could hear it. I could really use some assistance here.”

In an interview Dorie, expressed mixed emotions upon learning about the scientific approach her child is taking to collect data for his dissertation. She appreciates his dedication to his academic pursuits, but as a mother responsible for buying him presents, she feels a bit overwhelmed.

According to a YouGov poll of 1,200 U.S. adults conducted in 2020, it was found that around one-third of Americans believe that children should no longer believe in Santa Claus by the age of 10. This indicates that there is no definitive or universally agreed-upon age at which children should learn the truth about Santa Claus.

Silas is starting to question things, which is not surprising to his mother given the circumstances.

“I believe it’s just a part of his personality,” Dorie expressed. “He has always been incredibly curious and enjoys seeking answers to life’s profound inquiries. He often mentions his aspiration to pursue deep-sea exploration when he reaches adulthood, driven by the vast amount of uncharted territories that still remain.”

As a child, she was always skeptical and had doubts about the existence of Santa Claus. She vividly remembers a conversation with her mother when she was very young, where her mom directly asked her if she believed in Santa. Despite not actually believing in Santa at the time, she lied and said she did because she was afraid that she wouldn’t receive any presents if she admitted the truth.

Dorie has been astonished by the overwhelming response to her tweet, which has garnered 216,000 likes and nearly 10,000 retweets.

“I’m genuinely amazed by the contrasting opinions in the comments,” she expressed. “Certain individuals are providing well-thought-out suggestions on how to delicately and compassionately reveal to him that Santa isn’t real. On the other hand, some argue that I should safeguard his innocence and foster his belief for as long as I can.

One of my favorite pieces of advice that really encourages his scientific curiosity is from someone who suggested putting a microphone in his room to record and remind him that a good scientist always repeats their experiments. Although I don’t plan on actually doing that, it’s a great reminder for him.

According to her, there isn’t a single correct approach to handling a situation like this because every child is unique. For instance, Silas’ younger brother, Miles, who is 7 years old, has requested a typewriter and a cassette player for Christmas.

According to the parenting expert, it is essential for parents to have a deep understanding of their children and provide them with the necessary support to foster their individual growth. She emphasizes that every child is unique, and therefore, parenting strategies should be tailored to their specific needs and characteristics.

Dorie has made plans to celebrate Christmas at home, emphasizing the importance of spending time with family this year.

“We’re hosting a brunch at our place,” she mentioned, adding, “Afterwards, the kids will head over to their dad’s house to join in the festivities with him and his family.”

Silas already has a backup plan in case she ends up being disappointed with what she gets for Christmas.

“I’m grateful that we also celebrate Three Kings Day,” she expressed. “This means that if my son is really disappointed with his Christmas gifts, I have an opportunity to make it right.”

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