Mom gets tip missing daughter may have been lured into Bronx van

The family of Shamari Brantley, who has been missing for some time now, traveled all the way from Wheaton, Ill., to Westchester Square in The Bronx after receiving a tip that she may have been lured from a laundromat on Westchester Ave. by two women and a man, who were using a dark van and black car. The journey took them 14 hours.

According to Chanece Lewis, the sister of Brantley, the vehicles involved in the incident were a black Toyota Camry and a black van. She stated to PIX11 News that the detectives are actively pursuing this lead, and they are eagerly awaiting further information on the matter.

A Good Samaritan reached out to Shamari Brantley’s family, informing them that she had seen a young woman matching Brantley’s description at the Super Clean Laundromat in the Parkchester area of the Bronx. Brantley, who suffers from schizophrenia, was spotted late at night in the vicinity of the laundry, which is conveniently located beneath the No. 6 train tracks.

During the investigation, Brantley’s sister recorded a conversation with the tipster who mentioned that the young woman had been seen talking to two other women.

According to the informant, the woman expressed her hunger by saying, “I’m hungry.” Upon hearing this, the individuals offered to take her along with them, and she agreed.

The witness later recalled, “The man exited the van and then the woman got into the van with another girl. The third girl followed them in a separate car.”

Artimece Cotton, Brantley’s mother, was growing tired from the constant stress of searching for her daughter.

The mother’s voice trembled with emotion as she spoke through her tears, “I am exhausted and at my wits’ end. All I want is my precious baby back. Please, release her and give her back to me.”

Brantley’s family received support from a group of community organizations based in New York.

Last week, Dawn Rowe, the mastermind behind the New York State Task Force on BIPOC Missing and Murdered Women, generously provided the family with sleeping arrangements, food, and gas money.

Rowe expressed her concern for Shamari, a vulnerable young woman of color, when she received a call about her situation. She felt compelled to step in and help, believing that no family should have to resort to sleeping in their car.

Brantley’s mother is related to Bo Deal, a well-known music artist from Chicago.

This is a new NYPD poster for Shamari Brantley to show Brantley with different hair. (NYPD)

He embarked on a lengthy journey to rally backing from fellow artists he is acquainted with in New York.

According to Deal, Waka Flocka is considered a part of his family, and he also knows a number of artists from New York, including French Montana, who are willing to support his cause. His main goal is to raise awareness for those who are often overlooked and ignored.

As per Chris Gutter, who is a volunteer with Citizen App, he was deeply moved by Brantley’s battle with mental illness.

According to Gutter, when it comes to mental illness, the community is incredibly supportive and willing to lend a helping hand. She believes that this is because anyone could be impacted by mental illness, including someone’s own family members.

According to Gutter, there have been reports of Brantley being spotted on the No.6 train located on the east side of Manhattan, particularly in the vicinity of 96th, 89th, and 59th Streets.

Last week, the family was contacted by Donald Curtis from the Unified Black Caucus.

Curtis revealed that he had the opportunity to witness her twice in the Fordham Road section.

With hopes to find her missing daughter, Brantley’s mother is seeking help from various organizations. She believes that her daughter might be wearing a wig and may not resemble the picture on her poster.

Brantley’s mother pleaded, “She means something to me. I want her back, please.”

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