Montgomery councilwoman alleges that fire inspectors target clubs with Black patrons

According to recent reports, a member of the Montgomery City Council is alleging that the fire department is engaging in discriminatory practices toward businesses that primarily serve Black customers.

As part of their responsibilities, the department carries out inspections on various businesses to ensure they are in compliance with the city’s fire codes.

According to Councilwoman Marche Johnson, establishments that cater to the Black community, such as Xscape Tapas Grill, are frequently targeted by inspectors for fines.

She expressed, “I am not familiar with Pine Bar, Kru, Alley Bar, or 1048. I have never come across them before.”

According to her, certain businesses were unfairly targeted by the fire department, and she believed that it was done intentionally.

According to Johnson, there have been reports of a fireman who left a club and said, “Let me hurry up and leave so I can catch Xscape before they close.”

According to Montgomery Fire Chief Miford Jordan, “We inspected a total of 17 clubs. It’s important to note that we did not single out any particular club.”

According to the chief, their department is responsible for enforcing the fire codes, but not for creating them.

During Tuesday’s City Council meeting, he expressed his concern about the safety of first responders, stating that he believes they have become targets. As evidence, he presented a video of individuals chanting profanity directed towards the fire marshal. This behavior is unacceptable and highlights the need for increased support and protection for those who work to keep our communities safe.

According to Jordan, the firefighters who are risking their lives out there are truly remarkable individuals. He couldn’t help but express his admiration for them, saying, “Our firefighters out there, they’re some beautiful people, man. They are beautiful.” However, the fact that they have to endure such dangerous and challenging circumstances is truly heartbreaking.

According to the fire chief, the department is committed to providing fair and consistent service. He emphasized their dedication to serving the community.

In expressing her concerns, Johnson made it clear that she has nothing but admiration and respect for the department. However, she also felt it was important to bring attention to the issue at hand.

The council made the decision to shut down Xscape Tapas Grille on Tuesday. The reason behind this move was the restaurant’s inability to pay the fees associated with overcrowding.

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