Mother Drags Son To Police After Identifying Him As An Armed Train Robbery Suspect

Wagswoofs – A Chicago mother recognized her son in a news report that detailed the robbery of a train conductor. The incident took place on February 15, 2022, as Brown, an economics major at Loyola University Chicago, was on his way to class.

When the suspect images were released, Brown’s mother immediately identified him and took him to the police to surrender. During the bond hearing that followed, Brown’s defense attorney claimed that hunger was the motive behind his actions. However, Judge Maryam Ahmad dismissed this excuse and denied bail. She shared her own personal experience as a hungry student, emphasizing that she never resorted to violence in order to satisfy her hunger. This information was reported by CWB Chicago.

In February 2023, Brown admitted his guilt for aggravated robbery, one year after the incident. As part of his sentence, he received two years of probation and had already served 56 days in jail by the time of his sentencing.

Reporting a child who poses a threat to themselves or others is undoubtedly a challenging decision, but it can be crucial for their overall well-being. According to psychologist Vivian Diller, Ph.D., parents need to take responsibility by reporting such behavior, as it not only holds the child accountable but also has the potential to prevent future crimes. This aligns with the actions of Brown’s mother, who made a similar choice.

Brown’s LinkedIn profile indicates that he is currently an undergraduate student at Loyola University, where he is studying economics. He is expected to graduate in 2025, although his current enrollment status is unclear.

The train conductor came out of the incident without any injuries, and Brown did not have a criminal record prior to the robbery.

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