Mother Of Md. Deadly Crash Victim Sues Two Current And One Former Commanders Players For $25 Million

Wagswoofs – A recently filed lawsuit reveals that the mother of a Rockville, Md. woman, who tragically lost her life in a Loudoun County crash that also injured former Washington Football Team safety Deshazor Everett, is seeking justice by suing the former player and two current players for wrongful death.

Olivia Peters, aged 29, tragically lost her life in a devastating crash on December 23, 2021, along Gum Spring Road.

According to officials from the Loudoun County Police, the vehicle driven by Everett, a Nissan GT-R, was traveling north on Gum Spring Road near Ticonderoga Road. Unfortunately, the vehicle veered off the road, colliding with several trees and ultimately rolling over.

Olivia, a passenger, was transported to a hospital where she tragically succumbed to her injuries. Meanwhile, Everett received medical attention for injuries that were not life-threatening, according to officials.

Olivia’s mother, Kathleen Peters, recently filed a lawsuit claiming that Jamin Davis, Benjamin St-Juste, and Everett, who are current Commanders players, were engaged in a race at the time of the crash.

The lawsuit alleges that the three individuals collaborated and devised a plan to operate their vehicles recklessly, exceeding the speed limits and engaging in racing activities on public roads and highways.

In the lawsuit, Kathleen also identifies the owner of an auto body shop, Shahidul Islam, alleging that the men left his shop and subsequently drove “in a pack.”

According to the lawsuit, Everett allegedly had his car outfitted with illegal nitrous oxide, specialized racing tires, and a roll cage from a shop that specializes in enhancing a vehicle’s racing performance.

Davis was behind the wheel of a sleek McLaren sports car, while St-Juste was cruising in a modified Audi A6, as stated in the lawsuit. According to court records, Everett had affixed a GoPro camera to the exterior of his car to capture the unfolding events.

According to the lawsuit, the men were accused of driving at high speeds, changing lanes without signaling, and crossing over double yellow lines. They also drove in the opposite lane of traffic.

According to the lawsuit, the individuals involved engaged in text exchanges and had both in-person and phone conversations regarding the racing.

Olivia was a passenger in Everett’s car during the events on December 23, as stated in the lawsuit. Following the crash, she found herself trapped inside the vehicle and had to be rescued.

According to court documents, the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Department analyzed the data and found that Everett was driving at a top speed of 94 mph just moments before the crash.

Kathleen has filed a lawsuit seeking $25 million in damages and has requested a trial by jury.

The Commanders’ spokesperson declined to comment on the lawsuits filed against the players. 7News is still awaiting responses from Everett’s attorney and Kathleen’s attorney.

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