Nearly 100 Pounds Of Meth Were Found In A Storage Unit In South Carolina

Wagswoofs – Eight individuals in South Carolina have been apprehended by authorities after a thorough year-long drug investigation led to the discovery of approximately 88 pounds of methamphetamine concealed within a storage unit.

The Pickens County Sheriff’s Office, along with the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and the Greenville County Drug Enforcement Unit (GCDEU), has successfully completed a comprehensive and extensive drug investigation. On January 2, the sheriff’s office released the findings of the investigation.

On December 1, 2022, the special operations unit of the sheriff’s office initiated surveillance on multiple individuals. During their investigation, officers witnessed one of these individuals utilizing a storage unit located near Pickens.

Later that day, authorities apprehended the suspect who was discovered to be carrying approximately 22 pounds of methamphetamine.

Based on surveillance and a positive alert from K9 Rico, the sheriff’s office obtained a search warrant for the storage unit.

Around 88 pounds of methamphetamine were seized from the unit by officials.

Makayla Mae Briggs, John Mark Brooks, William Blake Buchanan, Joseph Eugene Jones, Wilton Larry Kirby, Melissa Ann Morris, Krista Lea Perry, and Anthony John Sharbo were all arrested as a result of the investigation.

Joshua Larry Kirby and Kimberlee Willard are being sought by authorities for their involvement in drug distribution conspiracy and the distribution of methamphetamine.

The US Attorney’s Office is handling the prosecution of the case.

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